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Golf Lessons for Beginners

No one, absolutely no one, has picked up a golf club for the first time and knew exactly what to do with it. As a beginner, you need golf lessons to help you understand the game. You need to understand the fundamentals of playing golf to help you develop good habits and become a competent player.

How to Find a Golf Coach

Now that you’ve decided to take golf lessons, where do you find a coach and what should you look for in one?

  1. Ask your friends or potential playing partners. Maybe they took lessons before and can refer a coach to you. Ask about their experience and how it improved their game. You can also ask about pricing and location. Then, you can call a coach to set up a meeting.
  2. You can speak to the coach about his or her education and credentials. Many people will claim to be golf coaches without the credentials to back them up.
  3. Find golf training aids to improve your swing.
  4. Use technology. Sometimes the best way to see what you are doing is to get it on video that you can review.

Your coach should give you feedback and give you pointers for improvement. You have to make sure you’re comfortable with the coach you’re working with and that his or her teaching style matches your learning.

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Anatomy of Golf Lessons for Beginners

Ideally, the instructor conducts a pre-lesson interview to get to know the student. From there, the initial lessons are divided into parts.

  1. The instruction may begin with a tour of the hole, explaining the game and its rules. Students get to familiarize themselves with the equipment and how to use the clubs. They also learn the basic posture and alignment skills as part of the putting exercises.
  2. Students learn important concepts like grip and compression. They also practice chipping and putting exercises.
  3. The students review past lessons and drills. The coach introduces elements moving up to the full swing.
  4. Students learn full-swing fundamentals for different types of clubs before moving to ball position and alignment.

The students now have the basics to play one hole on the course. The coach also teaches basic rules and etiquette.

Lessons for Intermediate Golfers

Many golfers will think of getting lessons at some point, even non-beginners. Some intermediate golfers may be opposed to taking golf lessons. But those who are open and want golf lessons are in it for error correction. They want to improve their handicap, or they may want to break bad habits that developed over years of playing.

As an intermediate golfer, you’re probably wondering why your game has plateaued, why you aren’t improving, or worse, why you’re getting worse. A professional golf coach will notice small mistakes that others won’t.

A lot of intermediate golfers also tend to think that buying equipment will improve their game. A coach can advise you about your professional equipment if you’re thinking of buying or upgrading. The lessons will improve your game, not the new equipment.

Golf lessons help intermediate golfers to break bad habits, increase endurance, and improve overall consistency. You can see an improvement in your handicap after just a few lessons.

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Why Golf Lessons are Important

  1. All beginners have to start somewhere. How else are you going to learn how to play golf if you don’t take lessons? It’s very important to learn the foundations of golf to play it properly and to become good at it. If you develop good habits from the start, you don’t have to worry about breaking bad habits later.
  2. It is almost impossible as a golfer to identify what is different about the swing and why you can do good shots sometimes and bad shots at other times. A professional golf instructor understands the mechanics and aspects of what makes a swing a good one. He or she can immediately spot areas in your swing that make a good or a bad shot.
  3. You can’t correct your weaknesses if you don’t know what they are. You can invest in better clubs and spend more time practicing, but you won’t see a significant improvement if you don’t know what you’re doing wrong and if you don’t have someone helping you to correct it.

Taking golf lessons is a good personal investment. After all, you must love playing, that’s why you started. Wouldn’t you want to be a better player? It doesn’t make sense to invest in expensive equipment or membership if you’re not investing first in yourself.

Golf Lessons in Pittsburgh

    • Golf for Beginners (all ages)
    • Golf for Kids
    • Golf for Ladies
    • Golf for Seniors
    • Golf for Intermediate/ Experienced Golfers
    • Online Golf LessonsThere are many golf courses in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The best way to learn golf is to take lessons with a professional coach. Whether you are a beginner only starting to pick up the game or an intermediate golfer who wants to lower your handicap, you can find an instructor who caters to your needs.


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