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Taking golf lessons is the best way to go if you want to learn how to play golf. Golf lessons are essential, especially if you have never played golf before. Golf is not something you can learn in one day, and it is most definitely not something that people are intuitively good at. Everyone has to start somewhere.

You have to learn how to grip a club properly before you can even swing it. Even the top-ranked professionals did not just pick up a golf club and then excelled at golf. And that is why golf lessons for beginners are so important.

As a beginner, you learn the fundamentals in the beginning. You will learn the rules, etiquette, and you develop good habits. It takes patience to learn golf because mastery takes time.

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Learning golf is not hard, but getting good at it is. Golf Lessons and Tips make it easier for you to learn golf and to become better at it. Inquire about our lessons, and we will connect you with an instructor near you.

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To play golf, you need to understand a few things – how to score, how your ball behaves, when to switch clubs, how to read greens, and course management. What you learn about golf during your introductory lessons is what keeps you coming back. Playing a round of golf, or even studying about it, will not be as fun for you if you do not understand how the game works.
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golf tips and lessons

Whether you are a child or an adult picking up a golf club for the first time, or an intermediate who wants to get better, there are golf lessons suitable for you. We divide our golf lessons into Youth, Beginner, Intermediate, and Senior. Coaches in each category specialize in the experience and needs of the golfer they are teaching.

You will reap the most benefits from golf lessons when you set your mind that you need the lessons. The first step is taking golf lessons. Next, you have to keep an open mind. You are taking golf lessons because there are some things you cannot get right, or there are some things you need to improve on. Golf lessons will not work if you insist on doing the same things you have always done.

As with anything, practice will lead you to excellence.

For beginners, you probably need at least five lessons before you should start to play one round. The first five lessons will give you the most basic foundations you will need before hitting the golf course. You need to make sure you are not slowing down other people on the golf course and not causing any damage.

For intermediate golfers, do not be too proud to take lessons. Even professional golfers have instructors helping them to stay on top of their game. Compared to beginners, it is much harder to spot mistakes with intermediate players. If you keep playing the wrong way, your issues will get bigger or worse over time. It takes a seasoned instructor to tell an intermediate golfer how to improve their game.

No matter your age or skill level in golf, we have instructors for you. Please fill out the Request Lesson Form below, and we will connect you with an instructor that suits you best.

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Learn More About the Traditional Game of Golf

Golf courses today consist of 18 holes, a tradition dating back to 1764 when St. Andrews reduced the number of holes to 18 instead of 22. Before this, a golf course could be of any number of holes. In 1858, St. Andrews made an official statement that a round of golf would compromise 18 holes and the rest of the courses followed because St. Andrews, after all, was THE Old Course.

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Golf, as we know it today, can be attributed to Scotland, though other games of stick and ball were recorded throughout history before the 15th century. Some historians believe golf originated from the Roman "paganica" and that this game spread throughout Europe when Rome occupied the majority of the continent. Others believed it came from the Chinese "chuiwan." A Ming Dynasty scroll from 1368 reportedly shows a member of the Chinese Imperial Court playing what appears to be golf. The Persian game "chowkan" is considered another possible origin of golf, though it has more similarities with polo. Other possible origins of golf include the English "cambuca", the French "chambot" and the Dutch "kolven." Early Scottish golf courses were played on links or coastal pieces of land with soil-covered dunes.

Introduction to History of Golf

golf tips and lessons
It is not too late to learn how to play golf and no matter how old you are. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate golfer looking to improve your handicap, our professional instructors have constructive advice for you. Instructors can spot your strengths and weaknesses. You will be able to see improvements as soon as you try addressing them. Golf lessons will benefit you no matter where you are on your golf journey, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or experienced golfer. Each golfer holds the key to success. There are lots of online videos teaching you how to play golf. But nothing compares with face-to-face lessons especially in the beginning when building habits and getting feedback are of utmost importance.

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Learning golf is not hard, but getting good at it is. Golf Lessons and Tips make it easier for you to learn golf and to become better at it. Inquire about our lessons, and we will connect you with an instructor near you.

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