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Upper Body Stretches to Improve Your Golf Swing

Flexibility is a necessity in order to carry out a fundamental golf swing. Body stretches are therefore an important strategy you have to perform so as to improve your golf swing.

Unfortunately, many golfers take upper body stretches for granted. Consequently, limitations in their flexibility persist, thus hampering their game.

Firstly, when it comes to improving your golf swings, it is important that you comprehend what exactly transpires with your upper body.

According to biomechanics of golf swings, you are required to draw the club at high motion range. This requirement can be completed efficiently and effectively through various levels of flexibility and mobility exercises. If you lack these components, no doubt your overall golf performance will be limited. Below are the effective upper body stretches that will improve your golf swing; Feel free to add any of these to your golf exercise warm up routine.

Shoulder stretch

This is the most popular golf stretching exercise. It works your triceps and the shoulder girdle. You need to stretch your legs out front while sitting on the floor and keeping your back straight. You then interlock your hands behind the back while ensuring they are on the floor.

Slide your feet to the maximum then hold the position for about 30 seconds. With this exercise you are supposed to feel the stretch in front of the shoulders. If not, repeat the exercise ensuring you follow the procedure correctly.

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Back stretch

This exercise is commonly referred to as twist. It requires you to lay flat on your back, stretch arms sideways with the palms down, and bend your knees and feet flat to the floor. After that you shift to the side of your left hip but the back should remain flat on the floor.

Slowly lower your knees to the left side such that the left knee and thigh reach the floor. You then place your left hand on the right knee, pull the knee down to the floor while turning your head to the right. Hold the position for 30 seconds then switch and do the same to the other side.

Trunk rotation

Look for a long stick perhaps a broomstick or even the golf driver then hold it behind your neck while standing. Ensure your arms are outstretched along the stick. Slowly twist to the right then to the left ten times each. Make sure you have turned to the maximum on each of the sides.

Upper chest stretch

This procedure works on rotator muscles on the anterior shoulders. You are required to stand with both feet apart, clasp the hands behind your back then raise the arms as far as you can. Hold this position for about ten seconds then repeat it a few more times perhaps three or four.

Arms stretch

Oblique muscles play a vital role in a golf swing. This procedure will enable you to exercise on the oblique muscles as well as the back. You are supposed to; open you feet a little more than shoulders, slightly bend forward. With the left arm extended to the front and the right arm to the rear, extend while switching the arms ten times.

The above exercises should not be underestimated if you want to have a perfect golf swing. They have been recommended by golf gurus all over the world. Practice the procedures regularly and you will undoubtedly enjoy the results.

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