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Understanding the Short Game

Golf is a thinking man’s game. Understanding how to play short game is the key to learning how to play golf, as well as the key to lowering your handicap.

When practicing, focus on how straight you hit the ball and not on how far you can hit it. This is achieved using a short club which is good in accuracy.

There are two types of shots common in short game. These are, low running and high floating shots. A lot of people prefer low running shots because they are easier to manage as well as straightforward to hit.

On the contrary, shots that are high floating often lead to missed hits.

When playing a low running shot, this is how you go about it; take a little open position, play the ball back in your position, square the club face, place your hands ahead of the club head and swing shallow in a U- shape. Most importantly, uphold your wrists firmly throughout the swing and don’t release the club head even after hitting the ball, no matter how strong the impact is.

When it come to a high floating shot, take a little open position, play the ball forward in your position, open the club face, put your hand in the same position as your club head and take a sharp swing that is V-shaped. Remember to keep your wrist actively hanging, use a full release at impact and most importantly finish full and in balance.

There are two important points to note about striking a ball, which must be attained by the player anytime the ball is on the ground. These are;

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• Most of your weight must be put on your forward leg

• Your hands must be ahead of the club

These two points are a must not only in short games but also in full swing. Additionally, there are basic principles when learning to play short game.

• Your forward and backswing should be similar lengthwise and also in speed.

• Keep your swing pace steady until after the impact.

• Avoid swinging hard with a short club, but for a few exceptions, because short game is basically a game of control.

• Analyze the land before hitting so as to hit accurate shots from 125 yards or shorter. It’s important for you to first understand the slope of the land, the type of grass and most importantly the kind of bounce and roll you’ll get in various areas of the land.

• Visualize the shape of your swing as this gives you a clear picture of the shot’s arc. A high-arched shot results when you take a sharp v-shaped swing while a lower humpback shot is as a result of a shallow U-shaped swing.

There is a difference between short game and golf but many people actually don’t know that. What’s more, short game is a game for both the young and the old. So if you are looking to find a sport and be productive, this could be a start. Golf fitness exercises can help a golfer’s physical level.

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