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Golf is not just about hitting the ball with a club. If you are a golfer, you will realize how difficult it is to choose a shot. There are many types of golf shots and if you want to know some of them, then consider these.

Straight Shot

This is where you hit the ball with a straight shot. You might think that this is just a simple thing but it is not. This type of shot is used when you have a straight target.

A straight golf shot can be achieved by executing the fundamentals of golf, which include set up position grip, swing path, and most importantly, the weight transfer.

Draw Shot

A draw shot is used to curve a shot from right to left. The basic fundamentals of doing straight shots are followed but the alignment is right of the target and much stronger. This type of golf shot is important because it can help make your shot more flexible.

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Fade Shots

This shot is the opposite of draw shot because it is used to curve a shot from left to right. The basic fundamentals of straight shots are also followed but the alignment from left to the target is rotated in a "weaker" position.

Fairway Bunker Shots

From the name itself, this shot is hit from fairway bunkers adjacent to the fairway. It can also help you position for your next shot so you can save your score. However, you have to position your body well so that the ball will lie in the middle of your stance to strike the ball clearly.

Greenside Bunker Shots

This is an important type of golf shot. The green side bunker shot is hit from bunker adjacent or very close to the putting surface. To do this shot well, it is important to position the ball forward while weight is distributed throughout the golf shot.

Pitch Shots

This shot lets the ball go in the air than on ground. It enables to give 60 or more yard distance from the putting green. The pitch of this shot is different from the straight shot.

Chip Shots

 This one of the most essential types of golf shot. This is typically used when the golf ball is 3 to 6 feet off the green. You can use this shot when the ball is not in a good position. This is a miniature of the full swing.

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