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Top 5 Golf Mistakes and How To Remedy Them

If you took 100 average golfers and watched them over a period of time, I'd bet that you would find a few common mistakes they all make at one time or another.

Over decades of playing this game, I've come to place golf swing mistakes into two categories: the "oops" category and the "not again" category.

The "oops" category is comprised of those occasional mistakes we all make. They can happen for any number of reasons.

Maybe we were in hurry, or lost our focus, or got stung by a bee. These mishaps should be forgotten as quickly as they occurred.

The "not again" category are those shots we miss time and time again. These are the ones we can work on and correct.

Here are the 5 most common golf mistakes, in my opinion, and some tips on how to remedy them.

1. Short Putts: If there is a more common mistake made in golf, I don't know about it. Short putts seem to be the bane of not only recreational golfers, but many professionals as well.

There is only one cure for short putts: increasing your confidence level. When your putts are short time after time, it means you need to strike the ball harder. You can do this by spending time on the practice green, concentrating on distance control. Forget about sinking the ball -- just get it to roll at least one foot beyond the cup.

2. The Slice: Many golfers slice the ball simply because their feet are not aligned properly. Check this before you do anything else.

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Next, check your grip. If you cannot see at least two knuckles on your left hand, you may have found the problem. Rotate your hands until you can see those knuckles.

Now, check your right elbow. When the right elbow moves too far away from the body, it causes an out-to-in swing path that almost always results in a slice.

3. The Hook: A ball that screams off to the left is a hook. This problematic shot is caused by a closed club face upon impact.

Again, start by looking at your grip. If you see more than two or three knuckles, this may be your problem. Adjust your grip by rotating your hands to the left.

Another cause for the hook is coming out of the correct swing path at the top of the backswing. A quick fix is to silently count to three at the top of the backswing before beginning your  golf downswing.

4. Odd Shots: Recreational golfers often find themselves outside the fairway -- perhaps in the light rough, thick rough, sand trap, or a bed of pine needles. This happens to all of us, yet we rarely spend time practicing these shots.

5. Wrong Club Selection: It is virtually impossible to choose the right club for a particular shot until you have spent a lot of time with each and every one of your clubs.

Golf clubs are not single-purpose tools. Your 9-iron can do a lot of work for you once you understand how flexible it is. Get out there and work it through its paces.

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