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Tips to Hit Fairway Woods with Confidence

If you are interested in playing golf, you’ll need to learn how to hit the fairway woods. On the golf course, these come on a par 5 or long par 4 or even in handy on a tee short.

There are many golfers who struggle to hit a 3 wood or a 5 wood from the fairway so if you are too, fret not, you are not alone.

Here are golfing tips on how to hit both high and low fairway woods cleanly, confidently and comfortably.

The high fairway wood shot

Different golfers will find it challenging to hit certain types of woods. You can visit a golf course and choose the one that feels comfortable to you. These include a taller face, a low profile face or a wood with a smaller head. Secondly, you can start practicing with your fairway woods. Start from the tee coming closer to the ground until you hit of the ground.

Place the ball back

Most golfers play the fairway wood too far from their stance. Putting in mind that this is not a tee short and you don’t want to hit up on the ball, move it back as this promotes a better angle of approach.

Sweep the ball

As you don’t need to take a divot on the shot, have a club head pass through the hitting area parallel to the ground. The club head will just have an impact on the grass.

Use a descending blow

Since the club head is passing through the impact area, a blow from the backspin on the ball you’re shooting is necessary. Back swings enable you to put the club low to the ground. This is mostly encouraged.

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Weight transfer

Use your hips and legs to get energy and power both intact. For the right-hand golfers, your left arm must remain straight. Your head must be still and down. This is particularly important when you’re hitting a higher iron as they tend to be more difficult.

Swing through the shot

Make sure you stay focused on the shot and for a full finish, swing within yourself. Avoid the tendency to lift the ball into the air or to over swing. Finally, the above tips will have the ball fly high and land softly. Furthermore, it will add loft to the club.

The low fairway wood shot

When playing a shot with low fairway, you only need to reverse the directions above for creating a high shot.

Position of golf ball

Place the ball a bit further back from where you would play a long shot.

Body posture and weight transfer

You should lean somewhat forward creating a forward press to the ball. This will help keep the ball down for this low shot. Put more weight on the front leg and swing yourself fully as you sweep the ball.

With the above information in mind, desired results would be achieved after playing the fairway woods. Since you now know how to incorporate fairway woods to your golf, apply it. Practice is essential using your fairway woods as this is the only way to build confidence.

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