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Tips to Driving the Golf Ball Further

Almost all golfers, especially beginners, need to know how to drive the ball further to reach par. Making an excellent drive can result to landing the ball in the green in just a few shots.

However, it is not easy to make shots that can enable the ball to go further. Therefore, you should consider some of these tips to driving the golf ball further.

Tip 1: Widen your stance

This is an excellent tip because it enables you to create enough room to hit the ball further. Once your stance is wider, dig your right foot into the turf and create a sprint like motion. By doing this, you’ll be able to drive the ball further than you could ever imagine.

Tip 2:Tee the ball higher

This is an effective tip to driving the golf ball further. If your tee is higher than the average height, you’ll be able to gain extra carry and a flight with the right amount of spin to get the ball higher. The way you do this is to hit the ball through it, thus causing the ball to go in the air and fall in a longer distance.

Tip 3: Use leverage

You don’t need to have big muscles to drive the ball further. In fact, you’ll see that thin players often make long distance shots. The reason why they are capable of doing this is that they utilize leverage. Hitting the ball is not just about strength but also knowing the angle that is created between the club and the left hand.

Tip 4: Swing within your scope

This is the most excellent tip to driving the golf ball further. Beginner golfers often use their brute strength to hit the ball to let it go into longer distances. This is wrong. If you want to hit the ball far, you should focus on swinging the club freely and under control.

If you are losing balance your balance more often, then you might be trying too hard to hit the ball. So be sure to draw your force back and let the golf club do its job in transmitting your strength with every hit.

Tip 5: Practice

There is no effective tip to driving the golf ball further than this. Practice swinging your golf club to make the ball go further. Be sure to go to golf courses and spend hours of practice.

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