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Tips on How to Hit Your Fairway Woods / Hybrids with Confidence

Fairway woods are used to take long distance shots off the tee when playing golf. These are mainly used by amateur players who must cover long distances.

The fairway wood can also be used to hit the ball if the hole to take on is small and will require accuracy when teeing.

The most two common type of woods used by the professionals are the 3-wood and the 5-wood. There is also the 4, 7 and 11 wood clubs available.

For new golf players, the one wood is the most difficult to use. It is also the longest club. The fairway woods are made using smaller heads, hence easy to use when hitting the ball either for a bottom, or upper swing.

How to hit your fairway wood

Fairway wood clubs are mainly used to take correct shots. Because they have a big and open club, the precision of their shot is very accurate. After taking your first tee shot and the distance left to cover is long enough, the fairway wood will make it easier to finish on the green hole.

1. Place the golf ball near the left centre of the stance. Your hands should be kept away from the ball either on the sides.

2. Make sure that you create enough space between so that you will have enough space when taking the shot.

3. The positioning of your body should be balanced to calculate the positioning of the shot.

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4. Make sure that the positioning of your chin is up, pointing to your chest.

5. The target ball should be level with your right knee.

6. If there are any particles like sand or grass around the ball, they should be swept clear. Hold your club tightly using both hands.

7. Finaly, hit the ball from the bottom so that it can rise. Take a soft but strong shot while maintaining the level of the club on the surface.

Tips to hit fairway wood and hybrid shots with confidence

A hybrid is a golf club that is made differently from that made of wood and the iron club but has a hollow face.

Being an amateur golfer does not make you a bad player at all as you can compete with professionals and win. You need to take on some simple instructions on the field and have enough confidence.

When playing, concentrate on the distance the ball has from the tee hole. This is to make sure that you know the point where to hit the ball. Just before you take any shot, practice how you are going to take the shot.

While positioning your body, ready to take on a shot, place your right leg suspended by your big toe with the left leg fully supporting your weight. Then focus on the distance to hit to the tee hole.

While taking on the shots, make sure that you are hitting with the hybrids and the woods, just as you would be if taking shots with the iron clubs. Avoid hitting the ball from the bottom because you will miscalculate the distance to the tee hole from your fairwood and the hybrids. Remember that both the long and short golf stick works the same and work comfortably at the same angle.

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