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Tips for Used Golf Carts

Golf carts are machines that are often used as a form of transport on golfing grounds. They are used as short distance travel options, such as from holiday resorts to a golf course or even to close by shopping centers.

Purchasing a golf cart requires some planning, especially financially.

Though it is fun buying brand new things, second hand carts, which are readily available, can perform the same function at a fairly cheaper cost which will not stretch your budget too much.

However, a reasonable selection should be accorded when opting to purchase these carts. It will be easier to buy a used golf cart when you know what you are looking for and you have a planned budget.

How to identify a good second hand golf cart

The price – this is a vital element because without the required amount, you will be unable to afford it. Even though used carts come at a cheaper price, it is not advisable to go for the ones that are overly cheap because they may be faulty.

Stay within your price range but ensure what you are paying for is worth the money. You can get a nice cart at prices ranging between $2000 and $4000.

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Cart features - this entails the qualities of the cart and the services you require from the product. Consider whether the cart uses electricity or gas power. Contemplate the advantages and disadvantages of going for either the gas or electric cart before purchase.

In addition, check to ensure the basic necessities in a cart are intact, such as lights, canopy, and the windshield. With all the above in check, you can move a step closer to your purchase.

Repair expenses – here you need to reflect on expenses that will be incurred repairing the cart. How long it will take you to fix it up, if need be? Just like a car, carts need repair from time to time to provide good services when in use. The expense linked to the fix up should not run too high. Choose a dealer who might offer free or discounted repairs to their buyers thus enabling you save your time and money.

Battery condition – you want to look at the year of manufacture of the cart battery. Typically, cart batteries have a life span of 5 years. If it has exceeded this duration, it might not be wise to purchase that particular golf cart.  This is because the need for a new battery is imminent as the one available it is likely to leak and cause corrosion.

Shop around – if you don’t have an idea about where to get used carts, ask your friends or family or simply shop around online. Family and friends who play golf may be able to help. However, the internet will be the easiest way to find used golf carts. You can meet up with the retailers to inspect the golf cart. It’s wise to bring someone along if you are not well versed with golf carts.

Take a test drive – To determine whether the cart is roadworthy and secure you need to test drive and see if everything works well. Listen to any sounds produced to identify whether anything is loose or broken. In addition, gently shake the canopy to see if it stays secure.

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