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Tips for Sinking a Downhill Putt

Unless you learn how to prevent or deal with the downhill stroke, it will be a hard task for you to sink in the ball when playing a match.

Therefore it’s very important for you to learn these skills in order to excel and become perfect at the downhill stroke.

Here are some putting tips that will help you to sink in those downhill putts.

When practicing your stroke, you want to keep on stroking until you can visualize an impeccable length and rhythm on the stroke.

It may take a while but when you have the stroke perfectly aligned in your mind, position yourself over the ball. At this point, you want to slightly lower your hands on the grip, otherwise referred to as “choke up”.  This can be three to six inches down.

Remember, the more you shorten the push rod, the lesser the energy transmitted to the ball will be thus making it roll softly meaning, by chocking down the stroke, you are likely to deliver less energy on the ball thus making it roll softly. This is the only way to succeed.

Try hard to make these downhill strokes as soft as possible. At this point, apply the stroke just as practiced. You’ll be amazed how yieldingly the ball rolls if you just stay in the corresponding line.

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There are two methods you could use to sink the downhill putt; the short putter or the toe stroke. Preference lies with each player. If you choose to use the short putter method, which softens the strike, you are likely to have better results. This is because the ball is on-line from first impact as opposed to toe-stroke method where the putt is to the right. The key to making the putts is having the ball on-line.

If the putt is fast, it is advisable to lower your grip hence you will cover a large distance. If the stroke is exceedingly fast, you might have to move your grip further down, to the bare metal shaft. For more information, read our article on mastering your golf putting grip.

Once you have had a few practice rounds, you will sort of get the hang of it. Within no time, you are sure to start sinking a few of your downhill strokes.

In every game, practice is important as it will enable you learn how to handle difficult moves in the game and also it will give you a chance to learn new skills. Keep on practicing while playing with your friends or with a group. Try and look for a hilly practice spot and spend some time, like 30 minutes alone, practicing.

You also need to have confidence in yourself. Believe and encourage yourself that you know how to play well. At the end of every practice you will realize that you have acquired new skills and eventually you will be capable of handling the downhill stroke effectively and in a perfect manner.

These are the various tips that are likely to aid you as golfer to succeed in your game. Follow them whenever you are on the golf course as they will help you get past any challenges you might be facing with perfecting your downhill putts.

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