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Tips for Playing Golf in Rain And Cold

While playing golf can be fun and exciting on a bright, sunny day, it is anything but fun when playing golf in cold, rainy conditions. It can be a punishing experience where a golfer’s resilience and concentration are put to the ultimate test.

Everything that can go wrong in a game of golf will happen in rainy conditions, and even for very skilled players, getting the best shots is quite gruelling.

While it isn’t always a fancy thing to do, playing golf in unfavourable conditions like wind, rain or cold weather makes a player who ‘weathers the storm’ feel a sense of accomplishment.

Fortunately, for those willing to give it a try, there are some tips to help you cope with bad weather during a round of golf.

Dress the part: If you anticipate bad weather, do your part and be prepared in advance by ‘dressing for the occasion’. Using weather forecasts for that particular area, you can have an idea of what the weather will be like.

Even if the predictions do not indicate rain, it is always important to carry a waterproof golf shirt in your golf bag – it has room for a few extra items. If it starts pouring suddenly, just put on your waterproof shirt and go on with your game, keeping your core warm and dry.

There are other water proof gear that shouldn’t be missed, for instance gloves, waterproof jacket, a hat (to keep your face from getting wet), and a rain hood for the bag.

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Keep your grips dry: While it is not very easy to achieve if the downpour is heavy, carrying a towel in the bag helps do ‘minimize the damage’. It may not keep your grips completely dry but at least they will not be very slick. You cannot hit good shots consistently when your grips are wet because the club will simply slide off your hands when you swing.

Keep the ball low: It helps a lot when playing in the rain to hit the ball low. If you hit it high as the case would normally be in dry conditions, the ball will swerve off-course and you’ll find it hard on your next shot.

Position the ball midway between your legs – front and back – in order to hit it low, and ensure that you make impact with your hands a few inches ahead of the ball. It is a small adjustment to your swing but it helps to keep the ball straight in the wet.

If you’re training for a tournament, trying it out in the rain is a good way to give your skills some flexibility. It makes a player get prepared for any eventualities, in addition to training the mental aspect to endure through the worst of conditions.

Practising in the rain will also help you to gauge how rain affects your game. There’s less ball spinning and rolling when it’s wet. You will definitely need to know how to adjust your shot trajectories. When you go into a tournament, you’ll at least have an idea of how it’s done when it’s raining.

Then of course, don’t rush, take all your time in the rain and try to focus and get the best shot that the conditions can allow.

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amazing golf mind

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