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golf swing guru reviewIf you’re a golfer and you want to improve your swing, it is absolutely important that you find a method that has been proven and tested by hundreds of golfers that have managed to hit top form.

You need to find a method that is mechanically sound and you can repeat it over and over again. This method should teach you how to swing around a stable spine and still manage a proper shoulder turn.

You will learn this method in the easiest of ways using ‘The Simple Golf Swing’ system.

What is The Simple Golf Swing system?

It is pretty much what its name suggests: a golf swing system. It is a guide that will teach you all there is to know about the ideal golf swing. The golden word in the sport of golf is consistency, and this is what this system will give you.

This system dwells on the fundamentals of ball flight and how to improve it. It clearly highlights the unique aspects of the swing that lead to consistency. As you might be aware, in golf, consistency is power.

What exactly will you learn in The Simple Golf Swing?

review of golf swing guruThis system is jam packed with a lot of useful content. Here are just a few of the things you should expect to find inside this 31-page guide.

• There’s a step-by-step guide that will teach you the right way a club should be gripped. Included in this step-by-step are instructions for the interlocking and overlapping grip. There are detailed photographs too.

• There is a method that will teach you how to ensure the club is gripped in the same manner for each shot for purposes of consistency.

• You will also learn a procedure that ensures your grip results into straight ball flight, rather than a slice or a hook.

• You will learn the secret on clubface alignment so that you avoid pushing the ball right. Many golfers grapple with this problem although it can be easily fixed.

• You will learn a technique that will enable you hit more greens. Once you get the right information, the rest is simple.

• You’ll also learn about the revolutionary ‘Simple Golf Swing’ setup that allows you to swing around your spine. The key here is to keep minimal levels of the horizontal and vertical body movements throughout the swing. Once you get this setup right, you’ll automatically get the perfect swing plane that promotes consistency.

• You will be introduced to the perfect ball impact on every shot, which will save you countless strokes.

The good points

• The system focuses on the fundamentals: technique, consistency and psychology. Better yet, these ideas are well wrapped up to ensure that you can easily follow and grasp each and every aspect of a great golf swing.

• There are no complicated scientific theories and related jargon. You’ll find simple step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow.

• Its focus is on the average golfer, rather than amateurs or pros, meaning that the material will be easy to put into practice.

The bad points

• As hinted on above, this guide is not for total beginners. Rather than show you how to hold a club, it is aimed at building on what you already know and improving it.

• While the techniques are effective, it takes some time to fully adapt to them. You need to practice the techniques.

• Some material would be better explained with video; however, there’s free access to a trial membership for video instruction.


If you’re tired of getting the same score each game, you ought to improve your golf swing. As your golf swing improves, your scores will start to lower and you will be able to experience the true satisfaction of golf. The Simple Golf Swing is just the right system to help you get there.

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