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The Perfect Golf Vacation

If you’re a golfer who enjoys his game and wants to take your love of golf to your next vacation, you need to plan meticulously well in advance.

Fortunately, there are tons of resources that will make the process easier for you, with hundreds of different ideas to plan for a memorable trip.

In this article, we’ll look at how you can plan the perfect golf vacation, whether with family or just your golf buddies.

Just like any other trip, there are certain key elements that have to be known prior to making any arrangements: projected costs, payment method, duration of holiday, and any miscellaneous activity.

One important thing to keep in mind is what activities your family or friends might do in case they don’t enjoy playing golf. So, you need to decide on a destination, whether you’ll be golfing by the coast or in the mountains.

A well-thought out plan will ensure that your vacation is problem free and you’ll not have to worry about eventualities. Write down your thoughts for a perfect golf holiday, splitting the subject into a few categories to focus on. Here are a few ideas on the categories to start with:

• What’s the perfect time of year to go on vacation (should be some weeks, months or a year in advance).

• Make an estimate for the cost of the trip (perhaps $2000, $3000 or $4000).

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• Decide on duration of your trip or rounds of golf (keep it small).

• Number of people you’ll be with on the trip

• Search for more golf trip information online, in magazines, the library, etc. you can also talk to a few of your friends who have gone on golf vacations too. Ask how they planned their trip, agents they used, etc.

If you don’t plan to use an agent and prefer to make all the arrangements by yourself, you need to get in touch with a local golfing organization in the place you’re going to visit. There are some that specialize in golf vacations, or you could directly contact a golf resort.

When you’ve selected a golf course of your choice, book your accommodation directly or you can contact the Golfing director to help you book accommodation and tee times. It’s always good advice to rely on golf vacation specialists for expertise and local knowledge.

Keep in mind that if you decide to plan the trip on your own, there might be a few challenges here and there, plus added work on your part. However, at the end of the day, you’ll delight in the freedom and sense of accomplishment when your trip works out just perfect.

When your lodging has been confirmed, you should choose courses that are within practical distance from your place of accommodation. Minimal distance to and from golf courses is more preferred.

Make these arrangements well in time so that you get the best opportunities. If you decide on something else and you wait too long to alter your plans, you may instead get lodging that’s not convenient for you and your entourage, not to mention undesirable tee times.

Take time to understand what your golf vacation comprises. Ensure to get the details right and you’ll have a golf vacation of a lifetime.

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