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The Health Benefits of Golf

An average golf course can provide nearly four kilometres of walking for each round of golf. Walking 18 holes three to five times each week can give your heart sufficient endurance training.

While the physical demands of playing golf are much less than those for other sports, you can get numerous health benefits when you regularly play.

Here are some of the merits that playing golf can have on your health.

Playing golf is particularly good for conditioning the cardiovascular system, mainly because it involves walking the course numerous times just in a single round. This amount of physical activity yields the same results as the recommended optimal physical activity for a healthy heart.

Playing golf also improves muscle tone and endurance. Backswings are great for working most of the muscle groups in the body. The beauty with golf is that there’s less risk for injury, compared to other forms of exercise and more strenuous sporting activities.

It helps in lowering body fat and therefore reducing weight. Since you spend a good amount of time walking miles across the pleasant and open greens of a golf course, this added physical activity helps to boost metabolic rate, which results to more calories being burnt and hence loss of weight. Research studies have indicated that a single round of golf burns about 300 calories of fat, and this is essential for efficient weight loss.

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Regular golf can also count as an exercise regimen of its own and in fact, the benefits obtained from gym exercises can be achieved through playing golf alone, in some instances. Golf is a form of weight bearing exercise, which is excellent for building stronger bones.

Golfers generally build strong bones, which is a major health benefit. Playing two or three times a week is ideal for realizing these health benefits. Stronger, healthy bones also contribute to lean muscle growth, and a generally well functioning musculoskeletal system. Golfing is also essential in preventing bone degeneration.

You’ll also get vitamin D from exposure to sunlight. This essential vitamin is not only good for strong bones, but also controls the levels of phosphorus and calcium in blood. It also helps to normalize the growth and replacement of skin cells.

There are dietary sources of vitamin D, but your body is capable of converting all it needs just by little exposure to the sun’s rays, especially during morning hours. So, take a stroll around the links and let your body do its magic.

Regular golf playing also results in good quality sleep, and general improvement in sleeping habits. It’s a well known fact that consistent exercise improves sleep and golf is not an exception.

Since most of your body muscles are worked while playing golf, it means that the muscles have to ‘rest’ and recover, a process which happens during sound sleep. In fact, when your body is worked, you’ll easily fall asleep and remain sleeping for longer.

And then finally, you’re likely to make new friends in the golfing circles. Golf is one of the most social games for people to meet and catch up on the good times. Besides the competition and sporting rivalry, golf helps you to socialize, which greatly improves confidence and general well being due to the increased endorphins in your body. Socializing is also a great way to beat stress, so get out and grab your balls and clubs and head to the course.

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