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The Best Golf Fitness Exercises For The Junior Golfer

The most common questions asked by junior golfers often fall in these three categories: when should a junior golfer start golf fitness exercises; how often should golf fitness exercises be implemented by a junior golfer; and finally, what exercises are deemed best for a junior golfer.

The last question is also the most commonly asked one. In this article, we’ll be exploring some of the possible answers to that question; the best golf fitness exercises for the junior golfer.

Firstly, golf fitness exercises can only yield the expected benefits for a junior golfer only if certain basics are adhered to when developing the fitness program.

You should be cognizant of the fact that some exercises are advantageous to a junior golfer whereas some are not. Regardless of whether you’re a junior, a senior or a professional, keep in mind that the exercises included in your fitness program should focus on developing the areas of the body around the golf swing.

This one principle highlights the fact that certain exercises are more beneficial to a golfer than others. Basically, golf fitness exercises should center on developing your body to the different physical requirements, positions and movements of the golf swing. This means that the exercises should be able to develop the required flexibility, endurance, balance, power and strength needed for the swing.

For instance, you realize that the swing needs you to make a complete shoulder turn. Part of a golfer’s ability to make a complete shoulder turn is contingent upon his flexibility (regardless of whether you’re a senior or a junior golfer).

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If you lack the flexibility to be able to make a full shoulder turn, then your golf swing will definitely be compromised, and this will be manifest in the resultant swing. Having said that, you should know that part of your golf fitness exercise will concentrate on improving your flexibility so that you develop a full and seamless shoulder turn.

There is one important thing all golfers ought to understand: a junior golfer is not so much different from a senior golfer as far as the basics of the golf fitness program is concerned. The objective of the fitness program is essentially the same.

The physical aspects of the body that the program aims to develop are the same, whether for a junior or senior golfer. The overall objective is to build fitness around the golf swing so that your golf swing can be more powerful, accurate and consistent.

The real difference for a junior golfer boils down to what are really the best exercises that result in optimal performance in each of these categories. Ordinarily, the junior golfer will be less physically developed, calling for tweaks in the exercises that are best for them. This means that only small modifications in some exercises are needed in the case of the juniors to match with their physical development.

Typically, flexibility exercises remain the same as for a senior golfer, and in fact, they will be easier to perform for juniors as their connective tissues and muscles seem to be more flexible.

As for balance exercises, juniors are normally not at the same level of kinesthetic development as senior golfers. Therefore, balance exercises for the junior golfer ought to be scaled down in the level of difficulty so as to match their under-developed control of the limbs and how to control their bodies in space, among others.

The approach to strength and resistance exercises for junior golfers should be to use their body weight in the beginning, before progressing to external loads, such as dumbbells, medicine balls and elastic tubing. This way, a junior golfer will be able to focus on technique and execution rather than loads lifted.

On the whole, junior golfer exercises simply need a few modifications. The goal is essentially the same: to build the body around the swing. The only different for the juniors lies within exercise implementation in the respective categories.

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