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Techniques for Consistent Golf Chipping

If you’re looking for ways to better your golf chipping, consider a generic chip shot and hit it repetitively until you feel you’ve reached your ideal distance control, as well as your direction.

Locate a spot just off the edge of the green where you’ll get a good lie that will give you one-third of the gap to your landing area and two-thirds for the distance to the target.

This needs a pitching wedge. Practice the shot until you feel you’ve got the size and tempo of the stroke that will get you to succeed.

Once you feel that you’ve reached the desired motion, focus on a quality goal. Quality goals help you to build consistency on the course. If you apply meaning and pressure to your practice rounds, you’ll be in better position to handle the same pressure on the course when it matters most.

For instance, chipping nine out of ten balls within the hole’s four-foot circle may be your quality goal. Make sure you reach this goal before you stop practicing. What happens when you get the eighth ball when you’ve already missed one?

You’ll now feel the pressure you experience each day on the golf course. This way, you’ll be practicing with purpose and accountability for each and every action. If you reach your goal too easily, increase the difficulty.

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Choosing one club to different targets

Select one club and practice your chipping to various targets. By doing this, you’ll be able to learn how to control your distance by changing the size of your golf stroke.

What about if you decide to achieve chipping with your sand wedge, which ordinarily will be half carry and half roll. If the green you’re practicing on is flat, try to land the ball mid-way the target. If the green is uphill, try landing it past the half-way; if it’s downhill, you short try to land just short of half-way to account for the slope.

Imitate what you would do on the golf course with your preparations. Look at your landing spot as you take your practice shots, which is half-way to the cup in this case.

Once you feel that you’ve reached a certain level of success chipping to different targets with the same club, change to a quality goal that will help improve your on-course consistency. In order to learn altering your stroke for different distances, try chipping eight balls in succession within four feet of every other hole.

When performing this drill, you’ll find that for some targets, the sand wedge works better than for others. It’s also a good way to help you understand how the ball reacts and it will help you when you’re selecting a club on the course.

Change the club you choose for this drill so that over time, you get a feel of all your clubs in practice. You’ll find that a club with smaller loft is difficult for the shorter chips because of the higher percentage of the roll.

You can continue improving by practicing and increasing the difficulty of your goals as you achieve them. In no time, you will definitely be able to perform a chip shot in golf when the scenario calls for it.

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