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Strength Training For Junior Golf

Strength training brings numerous benefits to a junior golfer. If you’re a junior golfer who has ambitions of playing at competitive level, then strength training is something you should give serious consideration.

You will certainly notice change in your game. Many junior golfers that do golf specific strength training are of marked caliber on the golf course.

They are generally fitter, stronger, and even hit it as long as professional do (such as PGA and LPGA golfers).

Strength training for junior golfers combines personal coaching on the mechanics of the swing with training for strength.

Some of the best examples of the potential that junior golfers have include Michelle Wie, Ty Tyron and the Song sisters. Given the correct approach, any junior golfer is capable of reaching their very best. As a parent, you may realize a big pay-off from your kid’s golf investment when they receive a college scholarship.

The main difference between a junior golfer and an adult golfer is strength, rather than flexibility. Juniors have the ability to increase their drives as much as 50 yards just within a short time of doing strength training exercises.

Having said that, junior golfers ought to note that doing the wrong strength exercises can instead be detrimental for them, rather than help them. So the first task for them is to get to learn the specific exercise that will develop their golf game.

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They need to stick to exercise that will compliment their golf swing from a stability and dynamic viewpoint. Failure to take this into consideration leads to a waste of effort at the least.

The ideal age for juniors to embark on a strength training program for golf is 12-13 years and above. And of course, it is crucial to have a professional trainer oversee a junior’s strength training program from the get go.

Strength exercises for junior golfers are specific

Golf exercises for juniors must take into consideration the various growth and maturity variables that occur from the age of 7 right until the age of 18.

Firstly, what juniors need to focus on in their training is their movements, not individual muscles. During the golf swing, strength is applied through a range of motions, not from isolating muscles. Thus, most of the fundamentals used in the bodybuilding world do not apply here.

As you do your golf swing, your brain will engage various muscle groups to work in a particular pattern, and therefore they ought to be trained accordingly. For all power to be availed, the kinetic chain has to perform at optimal levels. Machine training, on the other hand, sedates the nervous system, and therefore risks destroying your timing.

So, a strength training program for junior golfers should not isolate muscle groups. And while training for strength, you also need to pay attention to flexibility. A junior golfer’s blueprint should include taking part in multiple sports, competition, conditioning, and periodization.

As long as you take lessons and iron out the mistakes, you’ll gradually improve each year. Patience is part of the game. Concentrate on the learning process. You will then notice a significant improvement each year.

These observations should help you the junior golfer when you embark on a strength training exercise to improve your golf.

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amazing golf mind

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