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Selecting the Best Golf Range Finder

As with all instruments used in golf, choosing the best range finder is a very crucial part of a successful game. It is perhaps the most important and most prominent golfing accessory used by a player.

A golf range finder is used to gauge the exact distance that the player is from a given obstacle or hurdle. The distance and range of the target point is also measured by means of a rangefinder.

A range finder can also calibrate and measure the length of the shot a player has to make. Given that a player needs to precisely calculate distance from ball position to the pin, it’s clear to see how handy a range finder can be.

Another major significance of the range finder in a game of golf is that it eliminates the need to entirely rely on a caddie.

Previously, one of the things a caddie did was to gauge yardages on the course. A caddie’s estimates were considered accurate in most cases. But thanks to technology, range finders are equipped with devices that can scale and measure distances to precision accuracy.

In spite of having lots of useful features, there are people out there that doubt the need for a range finder. Some people have doubts about its efficiency and often, the answer can be either way.

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In some cases, a range finder can serve as an excellent tool for calibration and measurement of range and distances, while on other occasions, it might be a source of confusion. Most times, a range finder’s inefficiencies have a lot to do with its brand.

Typically, range finders are classified under two main categories: the first category is the Golf GPS range finders, and the other type that’s used more extensively is the Golf Laser range finder. As you’d expect, laser based range finders are considered to be more efficient than the GPS range finders. There are a number of reasons for this difference.

Firstly, laser range finders have higher accuracy levels. On the other hand, the GPS range finders need to access the internet to be able to operate, while this is not the case for laser range finders – they use laser beams to calculate distances. In addition, there are no updates about the course change required.

Laser based range finders are easier to use and are more convenient when it comes to their transportation. They can also be purchased at slightly more affordable prices. No specific settings are required before using the laser range finders. You just need to switch on the equipment, and then you will be getting the distances and yardages you need to find out.

There are many types and brands of both laser and GPS range finders and understandably, selecting the best one can be a little daunting. But depending on your style of play and budget, you can begin to narrow down the list of possible picks. In the end, it’s almost only your budget that will be the major deciding factor on which range finder you select.

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