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Pure Point Golf Swing Review

long distance golf swing pure point review

The Pure Point Golf Swing is a golf instruction system by Bobby Eldridge. He developed the ‘Full Swing’ technique years ago and has spent years perfecting it.

After noting that the traditional teaching methods were simply too hard for learners to keep up with, he devised a simpler approach to golf instruction, and his guide has many similarities in approach to David Nevogt’s The Simple Golf Swing guide.

Just like David Nevogt’s system, the Pure Point Golf Swing system also takes a comprehensive mechanical look at the golf swing such that users can learn the fundamental reference points as they influence the setup, the grip, backswing, downswing, and the follow through.

Bobby Eldridge and David Nevogt join forces!

Not surprisingly, the two authors started collaborating recently and came up with a package deal where you get 5 or 6 Pure Point DVDs when you purchase The Simple Golf Swing system. Sadly though, you do not get the DVDs when you only purchase Bobby’s guide.

What’s the Pure Point Golf Swing eBook all about?

As with The Simple Golf Swing, Bobby’s eBook dwells so much on the mechanics of the swing, detailing its different stages and key reference points. However, Bobby’s eBook seems to be more in depth than The Simple Golf Swing, but while the detail is fairly just about right, any more of it could have easily made the guide a tad too technical for a beginner or the average player.

What most people don’t realize is that The Pure Point Golf Swing eBook is just one of the numerous products from Pure Point Golf, and it’s pretty obvious that they are using this guide to later market their impressive collection of DVDs and videos that virtually tackle every aspect of the entire game of golf. You’ll get one of these videos for ‘free’ when you purchase the eBook.

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What are the specific contents?

The Pure Point Golf Swing eBook comprises 31 pages packed with mechanical instruction and divided into eight different lessons.

The first lesson is ‘The Grip’, where Bobby illustrates his grip theory that hasn’t changed one bit for over 30 years of golfing tutoring. More than anything else in the game of golf, the grip has much more effect on actual ball flight. You’ll get a break down of the mechanics of the grip in this lesson, including the distinction between a ‘man’s grip’ and a ‘lady’s’ grip.’

The second lesson is about ‘Address Position’. Here, Bobby encourages his students to perceive the human body as a ‘building’ as far as the golf swing is concerned. Essentially, you’ll be introduced to the ideal body orientation while addressing the ball.

The third lesson concerns ‘The Take Away’, which refers to the movement of the clubface, hands, shaft, and right shoulder all at once as you begin the backswing. You’ll learn Bobby’s approach to this in detail in this lesson.

Lesson four is about ‘The Top O f The Back Swing’ and lesson five elaborates the aspects of the ‘First Move’. In lesson six, Bobby gives all the details and the different reference points through ‘The Down Swing’. Lesson seven is about ‘The Two Feet Before Impact’ and the last lesson discusses ‘The Impact to The Finish’, which is basically a buildup of what has been discussed in the earlier lessons.


Without a doubt, Bobby Eldridge’s eBook is one of the best golfing guides out there. Although his over reliance on many technical reference points gives the guide a poor rating as far as ease of application for novice players is concerned, it doesn’t take anything away from its rich and solid content.

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