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Proper Golf Putting Grips

Hitting the ball and making it go within 300- or 400-yard is relatively easy. The real challenge in playing golf is how to hit the ball in short distances. This is where golf putting takes place.

If you know how to putt, you’ll have better chances of getting the ball into the hole in short distances. But to achieve this, golfers should learn about proper golf putting grips.

There are many types of grips for golf putting. If you want to know them, then consider the following grips below.

Traditional grip

This kind of grip is also known as reverse-overlap. It is a popular kind of putting grip, as most PGA golfers use it. This is a proper golf putting grips. It can be done by holding your putter just as you wanted to with your driver or iron.

This grip involves running the shaft of your putter along the lifelines of your hands. This way, you can prevent your hands from twisting and force the ball in one direction. Keep in mind that your hands should be parallel to each other in doing this grip.

Claw grip

Only a few golfers use this kind of grip for golf putting. The reason why it is called “claw grip” is that it creates more of a natural pendulum motion while swinging the golf club. This is one of the most proper golf putting grips because you won’t find it hard to execute.

For right handed golfers, grip the shaft of the putter in the same way as you would hold a traditional grip. Then, hold your right hand out of you and simply turn it.

Make sure that your palm faces you and your fingers are pointing downwards. Afterwards, you should bring your right hand to your putter's shaft to pinch the skin of your right hand. Try to rest your index and middle fingers on top of the club’s shaft along with your ring and pinkie fingers.

These are the two most popular proper golf putting grips. If you want to master them, then you should practice hard enough. You might think that it is just an easy thing to grip the club with your hands but it is not. There are many factors that contribute to a successful putting grip. And if you are reckless in gripping the golf club, you will find that no matter how you practice, your shots will be badly developed.

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