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Proper Golf Postures to Avoid Injuries

Proper golf posture is very important. It is something that almost every golfer should learn and master, as a beginner.

A lot of golfers often have a hard time winning golf competitions and the main reason is their inability to do the right posture. In some cases, wrong postures even result to injuries.

If you want to avoid this kind of problem, then you should learn about proper golf postures to avoid injuries.

How to get the right posture

Golfers should have balanced feet to hit the ball well. Improper feet balance could result to injuries in all parts of the body. This is why you should learn about proper golf postures to avoid injuries. Set your feet shoulder apart with the width. The outside of your shoulders should also fit inside your instep to get enough balance.

Once your feet are at the right position, the next step is to get the proper posture for your knees. This can be done by flexing your knees but only slightly. This will help you get a good balance to hit the ball well and avoid getting injured. But keep in mind that your knees should be over the balls of your feet and your quads are tension free for hitting the golf ball.

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Going up the body, the next posture you need to develop is the hips. The hip is often taken for granted because it remains at the same position. However, you have to consider your hips are not that bent enough and never allow your spine to slouch.

Golfers should focus to get proper golf postures to avoid injuries, especially on their spine. Make sure that your spine is angled forward to the ball. It should also be enough to make a right angle with the shaft of the club to hit the ball well. It is very important to consider the posture of the spine because it is the hub of a golfer’s swing.

To avoid injuries, you should tilt your spine slightly to the right. The side tilt will keep your head behind the ball, which means that you’ll be able to make a hit with great power.

These are proper golf postures to avoid injuries. If you follow these, you will be able to hit the ball perfectly and avoid getting injured by yourself. Make sure that the weight is centered on the golf ball. You should also avoid putting too much weight on your heels or toes because it could lessen the strength of hitting the ball.

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