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Proper Golf Driver Setup

Any good golf shot requires good setup, and it’s particularly crucial for the driver setup. Get your drive wrong and you’re in trouble, whether it’s the trees or the next fairway.

Also, the best swing in the world would be useless the setup is good enough to match it. Therefore, the importance of a proper golf driver setup cannot be over emphasized.

In this free golf lesson, we’ll discuss how to correctly setup for hitting the driver.

1. Place the club down on the ground – This is a very important step as you’ll be able to aim the club directly at the target. This is one of the ways to get proper alignment. You shouldn’t aim your body at the target at this stage. Just shift your body a little bit to the left of the target.

2. Put your feet together – place your feet together as you aim the driver at the target; the ball should be in the middle of your stance. You’ll be able to focus on lining your drive to the target.

3. Move your left foot – Slightly move your left foot to the left. It should be in-line with your left shoulder. This step is crucial because stance changes in width depending on length of each club. Moving your left foot out and then doing the same with your right depending on length of club is the best way to setup your stance.

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4. Move the right foot – Now you can move out the right foot as well. Ensure that it’s in-line with your right shoulder. This should be the widest stance of all the clubs, given that the driver is probably the longest in all you have in your bag.

5. Ensure that the distance away from the ball is correct – In this step you need to ascertain whether the ball is at the right distance from you and your stance. To start, place the club head just behind the ball, then take your right and place it between your club’s butt end and your waistline. If your hand gets a nice fit and snug between the two, then you’re at the right distance from the ball.

6. Even your balance out – Your balance needs to be evenly spread out during your driver setup. Ensure that the same weight placed on the toes is also evenly placed on the heels. This ensures a solid platform for a good, consistent swing, which is exactly what you need to hit that driver the exact way you want. Make sure that you straighten your back while in the swing position.

7. Close your shoulders – By now you’re almost there to the perfect setup. Here you need to get your shoulders closed through your swing. What you should do is to imagine viewing yourself from the right hand side. Then shift your left forearm just slightly over the right; simply tuck your elbow in. this sequence will close your shoulders throughout your swing.

8. The hand position – This is the final step on your perfect golf driver setup. All you need to do is get your hands in the right place. A good tip to achieve this is to imagine if you let your club drop back a bit. For a left-handed golfer, the club should hit the front standing leg on the inside, and for the right-handed player, it’s the left leg.

For all golf shots you hit, the left leg situation is identical, regardless of the club you’re using.

And there you have your quick run through to the perfect golf driver setup.

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