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Pre-Shot Routine in Golf Putting

When you carefully observe some of the best putters in the world, you might be tempted to conclude that they all a common, definable and repeated putting routine.

Professional golfers usually practice putting hundreds of times in a single day. Consequently, they get accustomed to a particular putting style that almost becomes natural to them.

It takes a lot of hard work and time to practice something until it becomes second nature. Golfers who are serious about their game practice a putting style until it almost seems innate.

Pre-shot putting does not focus entirely on the mechanics of the hands and the club. With constant practice, a player’s body becomes accustomed to focusing on the target and the ball. Great putters understand that when they are not putting well on any given day, they can simply go back to their pre-putting routine and do some practice rounds until they establish their putting mistakes from the foregoing round of golf.

This precisely means that they will practice until when the fault that resulted in their poor putting is discovered. Many times, it is not hard to reveal – just an out of sequence event that easily becomes apparent with a few rounds of pre-shot routine practice.

A relaxed mind also plays a vital role in helping a player to putt the ball correctly. In stressful conditions, it’s hard to do a putting the way you really want to - not with all the negativity running through your mind, which clearly manifests in your game. Avoid negative emotions and feelings of frustrations during your game; keep a cool head even when you’re not having one of your best days.

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Different golfers, different putting strokes

The following putting technique is suitable if a conventional putter is being used (34-35 inches). Every individual golfer has a unique pre-shot putting routine. Reason is pretty obvious; every person’s physiology is unique and different.

These variations mean that every person’s hands, shoulders, arms, neck and hips all constitute a different mass and size. You’ll not find any two wrists that are exactly identical. One person will perform a procedure that will square his shoulders, yet the same procedure will open another person’s shoulders and closes yet another’s.

Try this routine and see if it improves your golf putting. You can incorporate all or some of the parts of this routine into yours to help you become a better putter.

Firstly, get into an athletic golf position: bend forward from your hips, not waist. With your left hand, grip the putter while still behind the ball. Clutch the putter in both your left and right hands, passing it back and forth two times, and finally grip it in your right hand. Let your left hand freely drop to your side - should be comfortable. This ‘tightens’ the muscles in the lead arm. Most pros do this - watch Tiger or Vijay.

With the left hand in front of your body, use the right hand to push the putter into the left one. Keep the left hand stationary; just move the right hand. When gripping the putter handle, start with the top of the palm pad closest to the index finger, then follow with the rest of the fingers.

This is a crucial setup point because this grip position is directly related to the way the shoulder rocks up and down the spine. Remember to stay behind the ball. Then, walk towards it, address it, then putt it to the hole.

Practicing this putt routine will help you put the ball in the hole more of the time.

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