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Power Golf Program Review - Mike Pedersen

power golf program review‘Power Golf Program’ is a golf fitness program authored by Mike Pedersen. Mike is a golf fitness trainer who’s passionate about what he does and seems to know exactly what you need to achieve your best physical fitness so that you can play the best golf of your life.

Thus, when you follow his Power Golf Program, you’ll be sure not to lag in any of these areas.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, physical fitness is not something that many golfers, especially learners, take very serious. For one, golf is not a sport that will have you running up and down the course for almost two hours so it’s easy to assume that one needs not mind about their physical fitness.

Whereas golf’s fitness demands may not be the same as, say football, you are still required to have a certain level of fitness in order to be able to play at your best.

Mike’s Power Golf Program is an eBook guide jam-packed with useful little known golf fitness tips, methods and techniques that go beyond the usual and expected fitness routines, exploring areas such as psychological aspects, motivation, enjoyment and aging issues.

For over 9 years now, Mike Pedersen’s Power Golf Program has been undergoing refinement using a painstaking research process of trial and error. With his in-depth knowledge about golf fitness, Mike is confident that anyone can stand to reap big and improve their overall golf fitness just by grasping one of his various exercises.

Power Golf Program addresses golfing fitness in an approach that you’re likely not to have thought of before. Right from being exposed to the secret of working your muscles the right way, to conditioning your body for the demands of that ‘killer’ swing, to making your body surprisingly agile and your balance as solid as a rock.

The beauty with most of the exercise tips discussed in this program is that you can practice them with ease at the comfort of your home – and then give your friends a big surprise the next time you go out on the course.

The tips highlighted in the Power Golf Program are simple, effective, enjoyable and most of all proven to work. Mike thoroughly explains the purpose of each exercise so that it becomes easy to understand what you’re trying to solve and what you expect to achieve. He also included seven ‘sweat-free’ workouts you can try out in your office as you take a 10-minute break.

Mike Pedersen has been coaching golf fitness for close to 20 years now, during which he has helped hundreds of golfers improve their golf fitness. Regardless of your age, and no matter whether you have a terrible back or shoulder, Mike will show you exactly how to overcome your difficulty.

Overall, Mike Pedersen’s Power Golf Program is an essential golf fitness guide – one of the most important things for a golfer is to keep your body in great shape and certainly, it helps to elevate your golfing ability. This program is 100 percent guaranteed to improve your driving power, as well as knock off strokes from your scores.

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