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Planning Your Golf Vacation

Golf is a sport that is enjoyed in most parts of the world. Thus, any golfer who thoroughly enjoys his game ought to take a golfing vacation every once in a while.

It can be a breath of fresh air as you get to play on a different course than you’re used to, let alone compete with new golfers.

When planning a golf vacation, it’s important to allow yourself enough time in advance to make preparations.

Majority of golf courses are usually busy all year round and a tee time will almost always have to be made prior to playing. Many golf courses book weeks in advance, sometimes even a year in advance, depending on the popularity of the course.

You can either buy a pre-arranged golf vacation package, or you can ‘go it alone’, which basically means that you’ll have more flexibility but also more hustles.

You will also need to be familiar with the course rules. For some courses, particularly those where professionals play tournaments, you may have to not only have a handicap, but also be able to prove to them that your handicap meets their requirement. They often require that their players be at a specific level of their game so that they can keep the course running smoothly.

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Another important thing to keep in mind is the cost of the course you want to play. Some courses are very expensive, especially during peak golf season. Make sure you are aware of the full costs while planning your trip.

If you don’t confirm the costs when planning your trip, you could easily ruin your trip when you arrive at your golf vacation destination only to find out that the green fees are little higher than you can pay.

It’s worth noting that almost every golf course has a dress code. There are often rules about what types of shirts and pants you must wear. If you are going to be wearing golf shoes, there are usually rules about the types of spikes you should have on your shoes. It is better to know beforehand so you can pack accordingly. You would not want to get to the course only to have to buy one of their shirts because you are not in dress code!

Other than dealing with the rules of the golf course, you must also remember to check with your airline about how they handle golf bags. Most times, you will need to tell them in advance that you will be carrying golf bags. They may also require that you keep your clubs in a specific type of bag.

Finding the right golf course can be very simple. Searching online will bring up many choices. You just simply search for golf courses, or you can search for a specific area or place. While deciding, keep in mind who else is joining you on the trip. If you are taking family or friends that do not play golf, it may be best that the city have different forms of entertainment available as well.

Playing golf is a wonderful way to spend your vacation. It allows you to do something you already enjoy in a new and different way. It may require some planning, but is definitely well worth your time. Just make sure that you plan well, and your vacation will go smoothly.

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