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Perform a Chip Shot in Golf

A lot of golfers can do excellent golf swings. But when it comes to performing a chip shot in golf, they fall short dramatically. Though chip shots look simple and basic, it is actually difficult to do.

The idea of doing golf chip shot is to hit the ball high enough to make roll on the green. You’ll have lesser control over the ball from doing chip shot.

Therefore, it is hard to predict where the ball will land. But because you will let the ball roll, you’ll have better chances of pushing it to the green.

Tips to perform a chip shot in golf well

Hold the club well. Holding the club properly makes it easy to do chip shots but a faulty manner of holding the club could result to lesser control over the ball. Having said this, it is important to have a complete control over the ball by holding the club well. Avoid a breakdown of the wrist, because it will result to a lack of direction and control from making a chip shot.

Choose the right club. It is of utmost important for golfers to choose the right club to perform a chip shot in golf. There are a lot of clubs that can give you different results to hitting a chip shot. To know what golf club to use, you have to spend about a few hours of practicing for chipping drills. Try using various clubs and see which one is easier to use with a chip shot.

Use your analytical skills. Do not just make a chip shot for the sake of making a shot. If you want to win competitions, you have to know where the ball will land after making a hit. Envision how far the ball should go and how long should it roll. This is important to perform a chip shot in golf.

Practice. Of course, you won’t get used to this technique without having to practice. The more you practice, the better you will be in playing this shot. So head to the nearest driving range in your area and start doing chip shot.

The ball should be positioned in between your feet, and your weight must be on the foot, usually on the left, to face the direction where going to chip the ball. The hands have to be slightly ahead of the ball to properly scoop it for the shot.

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