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Mental Training in Golf to Develop a Mindset of Success

When it comes to mental training in golf, it is just as important as physical training. There’s no doubt that a successful mindset and golf are intertwined and, you cannot succeed unless you have a mindset of success.

In fact, it is this presence of a successful mindset that differentiates between simply playing golf and playing golf with grace.

Anyone who’s played golf for some time knows that half of the battle to succeeding at your game is waged right in your mind.

There’s just so much that can disrupt your concentration, such as noise from other players, weather, a sore, among others, and all this can lead to a poor game. It’s also common for mental distractions to sway a player’s mind during a game, such as thoughts of losing.

A successful mindset means that you’re less likely to be plagued by such mental distractions, and if it happens, you’re better prepared to deal with them positively without affecting your game.

Professional athletes and other sports people perform mental drills right before a big game. If you’ve tried that yourself and got mixed results, it means your mindset was not one of success. If you have too much stress, then no amount of mental rehearsal will help you play your natural game.

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Part of mental training for a mindset of success involves beating stress in the first place, together with avoiding negative feelings and emotions, such as worrying about what losing the game or what you’d do if you lost, and such feelings of frustrations.

If you go into a game of golf feeling relaxed and confident, chances are you’ll have a good game. Even if eventually you don’t win, you’ll still have positive feelings because you’ll have played well.

When you’re confident, your game will easily ‘flow’ because you’ll be in touch with your mental rehearsals more often. Even better, once you ‘take off’ and start to play well, you generally continue to play well for the rest of the game because with each swing, your confidence will grow.

Therefore, how do you ensure that you develop a game that flows naturally? The most important thing in developing a healthy mindset is to develop optimistic thoughts in mind. A technique known as Emotional Freedom Technique is one of the known mental training methods commonly used in golf today.

One of the premises on which this technique is based is that there are some acupressure points, which when tapped, will spring the body back to balance so that it is more relaxed. It also tries to reverse the negative emotional charges that come as a result of the mind being plagued by limiting thoughts about your inability to succeed. It aims at neutralizing these negative emotions such that your body starts to relax and eventually you’ll feel more confident.

You can achieve permanent change with EFT as far as performance is concerned – not only to your golf game but to your professional life as well. And, instead of getting mixed results from your mental rehearsals, you’ll start to play according to your imagination.

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