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Lower Your Golf Score With Better Putting

Golfers are always looking for ways to improve their score. One way to lower your golf score is to improve your putting skills.

By mastering proper putting techniques in golf, you'll soon see the numbers on your scorecard plummet. All it takes is a little practice to master the proper body positioning that can make all the difference.

Pop quiz: When you stand behind your ball to line up your putt, do you position your body to the left or the right of the ball? The answer: neither.

To truly improve your putt and lower your golf score, the best place to stand is directly behind the ball. From that position, you can get an accurate read of where you need the ball to go. To get an accurate tell of the trajectory of the ball, your line of sight needs to be directly over the ball. If you stand to one side or the other your perspective will be skewed.

Here's a trick that may help you determine whether you are lined up squarely behind the ball. Set up your putt and visualize an invisible line travelling from the tip of your nose to the ground. If your ball is not positioned in the spot where that imaginary line meets the ground, your ball is not lined up properly.

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Your hands should be positioned somewhere between the imaginary line and your body. In other words, they should not be extended too far away from the body nor should they sit too close to the body. Either position will hinder you from attaining a smooth, natural stroke.

The next component to a good putt is weight distribution. It is important to shift your weight so that you are grounded through your feet to allow a solid, balanced foundation. Allow your upper body to remain loose and free of tension so that you can freely make your stroke with a full range of motion.

Now that you are in the proper position and have your weight distributed properly, it's time to prepare to make the putt. Keep your eye focused on the ball and your head steady. You should now be ready to make a natural-feeling stroke.

Still need more practice? Here's another trick you can use to help you practice lining up the ball for a better putt. Place the ball a few feet from the hole (try five feet to start). Then, place two tees on the ground a little less than a foot behind the ball and a little farther apart that the length of the head of your putter. The tees should be positioned to be directly in line with where you want the ball to go.

Now, swing the putter back away from the ball. If your putter hits either of the tees as you swing back, your back swing is misaligned and needs correction. Keep practising until you can swing your putter back and forth without striking either tee. When you are able to do this, you'll know that when you make your putt your putter will effectively make contact with the ball every time.

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