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Learning the Proper Golf Putting Stance And Posture

Golf is considered to be one of the most elegant sports in the world. The reason for this is that golfers are very precise with moves they do to make swings.

If you watch prestigious golf games, you will see how elegant these golfers look when they try to hit the ball, especially in short distances. However, there are many factors in learning the proper golf putting stance and posture.

Addressing the ball to the hole is never easy. If you are a complete beginner in golf playing, you might find it hard to put the ball into the hole. This is why practice is always advisable.

Learning the proper golf putting stance and posture

The most important thing in golf is maintaining balance and alignment. Your shoulders, hips, knees, and feet should be in the same line as the target. This may seem very hard. But it can be done by trying to lay the club on the ground to get the correct alignment. Point the club towards the target and you’ll know the stance you ought to do to address the golf ball into the hall.

Good balance of the feet is vital in learning the proper golf putting stance and posture. Make sure that your feet have the correct distance apart. The rule implies that the feet should be shoulder width apart.

For those who will use mid iron, your feet must have a 5 centimeter distance apart. But for short irons, it is just essential that your feet are 5 centimeters narrower. Make sure that the back of your foot are square to the target.

In an iron play, the shoulder’s back and arms should be close to your body for the swing. Golfers should try to feel as if they are reaching for the ball. But keep your head directly over the ball and remember to bend from the waist. This creates a smooth pendulum effect because it enables the putter to follow the movement of the shoulders.

Learning the proper golf putting stance and posture is important. With so many parts moving in the body, do not get surprised if things go wrong. Having the right posture can dramatically reduce the mistakes you commit for golf putting. Physical size and shape can affect your posture and the way you swing the club. So if you are going to perform golf putting, you should know how the stances are made.


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