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Learn to Check Your Alignment for Accurate Shots

As you might be aware, direction in golf goes a long way in determining success on the course. Distances are far and wide, while the target is very small.

Getting the best alignment is one of the most important factors you need to get right so that your shots are accurate.

Most golf amateurs typically align too far to the right, effectively setting themselves up for the habitual ‘over the top’ swing while trying to get the ball on line. What results is usually a slice or a tangential touch with the ball.

The feet, hips, knees, and shoulders are the key alignment points, and should all be consistent and parallel to the target line, except if you’re trying to draw or fade the ball.

Begin behind the ball

The first thing you need to do in your pre-shot routine is to stand directly behind the ball and draw an imaginary line to the target. Most pros do this if you care to observe on TV, however, amateurs never bother. When you do this, you’ll get a good sense of the target and you’ll be able to visualize a perfect ball flight.

Square the clubface to the target

Select a spot that’s on the same imaginary target line as the ball but in front of it. Align the clubface at right angles with the spot. This is something that particularly requires a great deal of precision.

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Place the clubs on the grass

When practicing, placing to clubs in parallel position to the ground is one of the most effective ways to train correct alignment. To begin, aim one club directly at the flag but aligned parallel to it, just about where you’d place your feet.

Placing clubs on the ground is also another way to ‘appraise’ yourself. Keep in mind that if your feet are much to the right of the target, you’ll find it hard to clear the left hip and using the legs well. This drill leads to perfect aim.

Check your shoulder position

As you verify your aim by looking back and forth, you’ll likely leave your shoulders open, which will actually prove detrimental to an otherwise great position. To go around this, you need to place the club on the shoulders’ line with the grip side facing the flag.

You’ll get a good assessment of direction if you spread the line where the grip is pointing. While doing this, you can also ensure that your line of feet is pointing in the same direction as your shoulder line.


Make sure you don’t leave the club between your feet longer than required to estimate proper ball position. Most pros leave one club on the ground parallel to the target line each time they hit practice lines. You ought to start each practice session with this ‘drill’.

As you can see, it’s important to get your alignment right. In fact, without proper alignment, you could easily swing the ball like any of the golf greats but you’ll never hit a green or make a birdie.

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