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Ladies Golf Drivers

Selecting the best ladies’ golf driver can be pretty hard, given that there are several factors that have to be considered, not to mention the different individual tastes.

It even gets harder due to the general perception that more pricey the equipment, the better the results on course.

However, this is not always the case because your performance on the course doesn’t only depend on the type of golf equipment you use.

Selecting the best golf driver for your swing style

One of the key factors of your game that determines the type of driver most suitable for you is your swing speed. The vast majority of golfers, particularly lady golfers, have swing speed of less than 90Mph. this means that a driver that’s below 11 degrees will not have enough loft. The ideal flight every golfer strives to achieve is a parabolic flight, and to this end, loft is your best friend.

The higher your swing speed, the less degrees required for a driver’s loft. The average swing speed for a driver is 83Mph. Typically, for a swing speed of 120Mph, the ideal driver loft is 7-10 degrees, and for a speed of 50Mph, the suggested driver loft is 15-20 degrees.

The most important decision when selecting a driver is choosing the right loft for your swing. Most golfers assume that you get more distance with more loft, which is a misconception. On the contrary, the opposite is true.

Most drivers now come with deeper face heights, which allow for a larger area of impact above the head’s Center of Gravity (CG).

long distance

When contact with the ball occurs above the CG, backspin is reduced as a result of the gear effect created. This should be okay if your clubhead speed exceeds 100 Mph.

However, on average, most golfers have swing speed below 90Mph, in which case they would need backspin to help keep the ball in the air and create a high launch angle to get it airborne in the first place.

Choosing the right design (model)

There are specific characteristics of golf clubheads that can help you chose the design best suited for your style, which include workability, trajectory and forgiveness.

Trajectory and Forgiveness are the two key performance factors that golfers use to choose a model. If you naturally have a low ball flight, then find a driver with a high trajectory rating (HI). Many times, what’s written at the bottom of the club may not be indicative enough, for instance, a club may indicate 9-degree but actually perform like a 7-degree club if its CG id forward. Where you’re unsure, consult professional clubmaker.

If you normally hit the ball off-center, a driver head with maximum forgiveness rating (MAX) is best suited for you. The suggested rule is to play the largest driver head you can manage to control.

Most drivers now have flexible weights around the perimeter for easy customization of the flight pattern.

Other important factors when selecting the correct golf club include face angle, bulge and roll, offset, among others. Again, if you’re not sure, ask a professional clubmaker for assistance.

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