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Ladies Golf Club Bags

When it comes to ladies’ golf bags, styles are enormously varied. This huge variety in type and style of bags is due to the fact that golfers’ style and level of play is different.

Thus, it can be an arduous task trying to look for a golf bag that perfectly suits your style. In this article, we’ll look at the things you should keep in mind to help make that process easier. 

Modern Golf bags – Lightweight synthetic fabric is the material of choice used to make most modern golf bags. A modern golf bag typically has numerous extra pockets and club dividers.

Besides those similarities, golf bags are highly specialized for the different kinds of golfers. There are three major categories: ladies golf bags, golf stand bags, and golf cart bags. Every style of bag includes a ladies bag collection so women are catered for in all bag categories. There are some important key elements unique to each bag that you need to consider before you make your selection.

Stand bags – These are built with ‘legs’ and can stand on the ground as you tee up. They are usually lightweight because they are meant to be carried, and a good stand bag will weigh less than 5 pounds. The most commonly used fabric for golf stand bags is a nylon blend with backing.

Some ultra- light bags do not have backing to cut more weight, but that also means they are not so durable. A shoulder strap is another is another core feature of a golf stand bag, and definitely, the wider the strap, the easier and more comfortable it is to carry the bag. Also, a double strapped bag is better because it distributes weight evenly.

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Cart bags – These are the most practical choice of bags for golfers who drive from tee to tee. They are generally heavier than stand bags but some have stands, so it is possible to carry them. Golf cart bags typically have numerous pockets which are bigger in size, which explains the extra weight.

You need to choose a bag with pockets that face away from the bag, given that pockets are a key feature of golf cart bags. A selection of new bags have removable coolers, a feature you can take advantage of when selecting a suitable bag.

Staff bags – These are usually used by pros, and are spacious enough to hold everything a pro would need, for instance they can carry a full set of 14 golf clubs. Because of this, they are usually larger and heavier than ordinary golf stand bags. Majority of staff bags are made of leather. And while they are heavier than the rest, they are some of the best golf bags available.

Some of the popular ladies golf bags include:

Cutler Alena Bag – This bag combines style and functionality, and is pretty comfortable to carry because it has a padded shoulder strap.

Burton Camelot Bag – This bag comprises a different compartment for each club so you’re spared the inconveniences of banging of the clubs.

Finally, the Datrek Hybrid bag is also a favorite for women, and is one of the best value for money golf bags you can get.

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