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Junior Iron Golf Sets

Junior iron golf sets are designed with a kid’s body size in mind. Clubs are made with shorter, more flexible shafts for a slower swing to ensure that your kid gets the best possible playing experience.

When you purchase specialist golf sets for your child, you ensure that they are exposed to as little damage as possible resulting from using the wrong type of golf equipment.

So, how do you go about the business of selecting the best iron golf sets for your kid? To understand the considerations for selecting the most suitable junior iron golf set, it’s important to first get familiar with junior golf clubs in general.

Basically, there are two types of clubs – pre-packaged clubs and custom-built clubs. Pre-packaged clubs are made and boxed by the manufacturer, while the custom-build clubs are ones specifically built using custom-made shafts, clubheads and grips, all from highest quality material.

Obviously, custom-made equipment is much more expensive (because prices of the components are exorbitant) and most companies are not keen to make them for junior golfers.

In the pre-packaged sets, there are clubs built to fit within a particular range of age-group or height. The best way to select a pre-packaged golf set for your young one is to find the recommended height or knuckle-to-floor range for a particular set.

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If your child’s measurements lie at the top of the range, then choose the next size up and have your child grip down an inch or two in the initial play. They will then be able to grow into the clubs such that your investment is maximized.

You can shop for junior golf clubs either by age or height. Whereas most manufacturers sell their sets based on age, shopping by height is more accurate. Shopping by height ensures that the clubs are nearer to the right fit, since your child might be taller or shorter for their age range.

Manufacturers will normally recommend a height range and club length for each age group. Using this information when selecting a golf set/club for your junior helps you to make a more informed decision.

Club length

When introducing a youngster to the game of golf, providing them with equipment that properly fits is a crucially important factor. If clubs are not properly fitting, your junior will get serious swing problems that may prove hard to correct in future.

Clubs that are too long for the junior will cause him to compensate with a ‘flat’ swing, while those that are too short result in a swing that’s way too upright. In both cases, the junior golfer will find it hard to consistently make contact with the ball, which leads to unnecessary frustration and even thoughts of abandoning golf altogether.

The ideal choice is a club with that is about 1.5-inches longer than the precise fit. This enables the junior to choke down initially, and then gradually moving his hands further up the grip as they grow over the subsequent seasons.

All in all, you’ll be safe if your child’s height falls approximately in the middle of the manufacturer’s recommended range. If that’s not the case, move to the next brand with a different height range. Try always to buy golf clubs slightly longer for your child because they will eventually grow into the clubs.

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