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In-Home Fitness for Your Golf Program

You can get the same level of effectiveness with your in-home golf fitness as you would get in any gym.

However, many golfers have the perception that it takes fancy golf gym equipment or paying for membership at a high-end gym facility in order to get on top of their golf game.

Not so! It is very possible to achieve top golf fitness levels in the privacy of your home without the

You can make use of minimal equipment at the convenience of your home, for instance, simple hand weights, exercise tubing and a stability ball are some of the simple fitness equipment that can yield surprising results with your in-home golf fitness program.

No doubt it can be challenging but fun to come up with a golf fitness regimen at home with the aforementioned equipment. A good in-home fitness program should incorporate both stretching and strength routines within the same program, helping you save time and ‘kill two birds with one stone’.

As a golfer keen about their fitness, you ought to know that gym exercises that isolate a single muscle group in a sitting position are far from an ideal golf- specific exercise. You realize that golf is a game that utilizes almost all of the major muscle groups in the body, and in a pattern that moves in a sequence. Your golf fitness levels will not be improved by merely sitting in a machine.

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The beauty with using hand weights, balls and tubing is that you will be able to mimic the exact positions that your body will be in when you make your golf swing. Obviously you will get more benefit if you do more exercises that simulate and imrprove your golf swing.

You are also more likely to stick to the exercise when you realize that it greatly improves your golf swing and distance. When you combine your fitness with golf, you achieve a commitment level that you cannot easily get when you attend the general gym fitness routines. It is a huge motivating factor knowing that your in-house golf fitness program will help you become a better golfer and improve your game.

As long as you’ve got that itch to get better at your game through fitness, you have no reason to go to a gym to be fit. A little extra space in your house is all you need to start your in-home fitness program.

Benefits of in-home golf fitness training

While training in the gym may help you achieve overall fitness, you will not be able to get golf-specific fitness as you would with in-home golf fitness training. A golf-specific fitness program focuses on four core areas, in addition to general body fitness, which include golf stretches, golf-specific strength training, endurance exercises (aerobic conditioning), and a nutrition plan to back the exercises.

Most gym programs are not so much specialized so they are likely to skip these core golf-fitness exercises. An in-house golf fitness program focuses on ironing out the issues in those core areas so that any physical limitations you may have are dealt with, resulting in an optimal swing.

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