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Improving Your Balance and Your Golf Game

If you want to improve your golf game, it’s important that you do as many golf drills as possible. A lot of golfers assume that merely going out to the course and play as much as they possible will improve their game.

Whereas playing more frequently will certainly help you in some areas, it is not all it takes to improve your overall game.

To improve your overall game, you need to practice golf drills that target specific areas of your golf game so that you can better them.

Simply going out on the course means you could as well just be repeating similar errors in the name of practicing. On the other hand, golf drills allow you to focus on the mechanics and therefore iron out the mistakes.

Golf drills that improve your swing are aimed at strengthening your core, for instance, the one similar to push ups. To perform this drill, do the following:

Place your hands on the grounds as in a push up position. Keep your body straight with just your hands and feet on the floor. Then, raise your right hand and your left leg and hold in balance for about 1- to 15 seconds. Do this with your left hand and right foot. This drill will help improve your strength as well as balance.

For putting drills, you can practice these t any place of convenience, either at home or at work. Just practice putts as much as you can; it goes a long way in improving your golf game.

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Improving balance

There’s no doubt that having the proper balance weighs a lot on your game. Good balance is much more than just having the correct stance.

There are three key features that determine optimal balance: visual acuity, signals from muscles and joints, and signals from your inner ears. A balance disorder may result if these aspects get out of sync.

It’s of paramount importance that you keep your head still during a swing because if its position changes, it leads to loss of balance.

Migraines can also lead to loss of balance during a game. Thus, if you frequently get migraines, ensure that you’ve received all the medical attention you require well before a game. Migraines can hugely affect your game negatively in ways you never thought they could.

There are various postural exercises and techniques for improving muscle balance. Besides improving balance, these techniques can also improve and increase the strength of your swing.

Good balance and posture goes a long way to improving your swing. Here’s how to practice your balance, tempo and timing for a perfect golf swing:

• Distribute your weight evenly at your address between your right and left feet. You need to feel that you have a balanced weight on your feet’s balls.

• On your back swing, shift your weight to the inside of your back foot. Do this with a controlled, steady tempo, maintaining the club at target line while taking it back. Go slow, and keep much of your weight on the back foot.

•  Now move most of your weight on to the front foot at impact, with your head behind the ball and your hips moving forward as you swing through, with the downswing mirroring the backswing.

• Shift much of your weight now to the outside of your front foot at the end of your swing and follow through. You shouldn’t have any instability as your body should remain in a balanced position throughout the swing.

You might also want to look into the concept of stack and tilt golfing. Practicing this drill will greatly improve your balance and posture, and therefore your game.

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