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Improve Your Tee Shots

Winning golf tournaments is something that most golfers can boast about. But the secret to a successful golf playing is the tee shots.

The first tee is where you should focus on. If you can make a dramatic drive on the first tee, you can put your opponents to pressure.

Tips to improve your tee shots

Do the right stance. If you are tall, you should use tinker with a wider stance. The ball position should be centralized. For short people, it is ideal to use a narrower stance with a forward ball position. Always choose a ball position, which enables you to address and look at the ball in a very natural way.

Parallel your shoulders to your target. Knowing this can improve your tee shots. Just be sure that your front shoulder is parallel to your target. Hitting with a tee is about aiming the target with the parts of your body.

This will lead your club through the swing and thus making a perfect tee shot. Positioning your shoulder to the target is very simple because it is a stationary process, which happens before you hitting the ball with the club.

To improve your tee shots, you should shift the majority of your weight to the back foot of your stance. It is important to put your weight behind your swing. Therefore, you have to start with most of your weight behind the ball.

Your shoulder should be in the right position. This can be done by pulling your front shoulder towards your chin just as you are about to do a backswing. Make sure to not move your chin to your shoulder because it will only cause you to move your head, thus taking your eyes off the ball.

Once you make a hit, pull your shoulder back toward your chin. But then again, do not move your chin to your shoulders because it will again cause you to take your eyes off of the ball. This results to embarrassing whiff or chunk.

Practice. There is no other way to improve your tee shots than to practice. So if you have the time, go to the nearest driving range in your area to practice. It is not that difficult to improve on hitting your tee shots. If you are able to do the right shots, you’ll be able to outscore your competitors and eventually win the game.

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