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How to Practice Golf at Home

How would you like to sharpen your golf game regardless of the time of year? You can do this by practicing at home!

Here are some helpful tips to help you get started:

1. Year Round Practice: Home practice does not have to be restricted to the winter months. You can hone virtually any golfing skill, at anytime.

It is true some skills are more adaptable to home practice than others, but that should not stop you from taking advantage of the ones that are.

2. Grip Memory: When it comes to the mechanics of golf, your grip is crucial. Many golfers struggle with getting the right neutral grip. Here is a great tip you can use at home, day or night.

Take a short iron and position your hands on the club with the neutral grip that is right for you. Now comes the fun part. Sit down, still gripping the club, and watch some television.

The television will take your mind off the club but your memory-muscles will begin to "learn" how this grip feels. The more often you do this exercise, the easier it will be for your hands to assume the same grip in the future.

3. Full Golf Swing Practice Tip: As we age, or take time off from playing golf, our bodies tighten up. This can make it very difficult for the upper body to coil and uncoil correctly as part of a full swing.

To stay loose, try this: Place a long wooden dowel or a broomstick behind your neck and across your shoulders. Hold the ends in each hand. While holding the ends, take your address position. Slowly coil your shoulders around (as in your backswing) and then uncoil (as in your downswing).

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4. Pitching and Chipping: For those of you that cannot practice golf pitching and chipping outside during the winter, head down to your local hardware store and buy a piece of high-pile indoor/outdoor grass carpet. A one-foot square is plenty.

Find a place (garage or basement perhaps) where you can get some open space. You don't need much, but it's better to have a place than to bust your wife's favorite vase.

Use your carpet pad to chip from and aim for a bucket or dishpan that you place a few yards away. Concentrate on your hands, which need to be in front of the club head on impact. Master your stance and perfect the skill of "descending" the club face rather than trying to "scoop" the ball upwards.

For pitching practice, try to pitch a ball into a soft chair or onto a pillow that you place as far away from your carpet pad as possible. Again, it's your hand position, stance, and proper swing that you are concentrating on.

5. Putting: Putting is one of the most popular practice-at-home skills we do as golfers. If you need a good surface to putt on, get a long length of indoor/outdoor carpeting (instead of the high pile you bought for your chipping, get low pile for putting).

When you practice your putting at home, do not forget to practice for speed and distance. Most of us want to sink putts into a cup or glass, but honing your speed and distance skills are just as important for successful putting.

putting to win

putting to win

Practicing at home is easy and can deliver benefits that will serve you all year round. Try it and see if your golfing mechanics do not improve and fairly quickly.

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