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How to Improve Golf Putting Consistency

Being able to putt the golf ball well can be help a golfer make a score. But it is not that easy to be consistent in doing golf putting.

This is why you should consider these drills on how to improve golf putting consistency.

The first drill you need to learn is the alignment. This drill has two sub drills, the putting track drill and the putting gate drill.

The putting track drill can be done by laying down two irons wider than the putter. Then, start practicing your six foot putts by emphasizing smooth and square strokes.

The putting gate drill is an excellent way on how to improve golf putting consistency. This can be done by placing two tees close to the toes and heals of the putter. Make sure to place the ball in the middle to make a gate. Then, hit putts by swimming the golf club through the gate.

For better consistency, you should do push golf drill. This drill can be done by setting up about three to five feet from the hole. Place a yardstick along the putting line as your guide. Then, place the putter behind the ball and push the golf ball to the cup. Repeat this patter for ten straight pushes and you’ll be more consistent with your golf putting.

Another drill on how to improve golf putting consistency is the circle putting drill. This promotes better short putt consistency for all beginner golfers. It can be done by setting eight golf balls in a circle around the cup.

Each one has to be three feet away from the cup. Then, hit the ball with your putts. If you are able to put the ball in the hole, you should go further and restart the drill. If you make a miss, you should do the drill all over again.

The last drill is the breaking gate drill. Every golfer should learn how to improve golf putting consistency with this technique. The breaking gate drill can help you align the ball properly for a putt. But first, you have to read the break and identify the line, which will serve as your guide for hitting the ball to the hole.

Then, adjust your putting speed to ensure the ball successfully makes it through the line to go right into the cup. You can do this over and over again until you can do them with ease.

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