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How to Hit Golf Balls Straight

If you know how to play golf, you might say that it is kind of tricky to hit the ball straight. This is a very challenging task, especially if you haven’t gotten used to using the driver.

The longer the club you have, the lesser chances of hitting the ball straight. However, it is not important to learn how to hit golf balls straight. All it takes is practice and a little bit of dedication.

In learning to hit the ball straight, golfers must choose the right club. The driver is often used for this kind of shot.

However, if your club is too long, you might find it hard to hit the ball straight. Having said this, it is ideal to choose a suitable club. Choose a driver which you are comfortable of using. Then, start with your practice sessions.

Knowing the proper way to grip the golf club is important in learning how to hit golf balls straight. This is the very basics of playing golf. If you know the proper way to grip, you won’t find it hard to hit the ball. But be sure that you are not griping the club too tightly or loosely because it can affect the drop point of your ball.

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Understanding the importance of leverage is vital on how to hit golf balls straight. Proper leverage includes keeping your head behind the golf ball, starting from the set up to the impact. If you are not used to your leverage, then you should practice until you’ve mastered it.

Use your lower body to generate speed and power. Some golfers muscle their way through the shot, which oftentimes end up in bunkers or at unwanted places in the court. Keep in mind that distance comes from the head of the club and not from mere brute strength.

Of course it is important to have strength, but it would be much better if you will sure your hips and legs to generate speed and power rather than arm muscles.

Another important factor to consider is to not stop your swing, even after hitting the ball. This is very important in learning how to hit golf balls straight. If you try to stop your motion, you might affect the balance of your shot. So after hitting the ball, you should let your arms swing. This can really help you a lot in making straight shots in golf.

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