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How to Buy a Basic Set of Golf Clubs

Are you new to golf? Are you planning to buy a set of golf clubs in the near future? If so, this newsletter is for you!

I will be sharing another newsletter with you very soon on how to buy a custom set of clubs; for today, however, I want to share a few thoughts on purchasing a basic set of clubs.

Golf is a great game, enjoyed by millions of people, but let's be honest, it can be expensive as well. In order to play, you have to have a set of clubs.

The good news is you can purchase a very fine set of clubs at affordable prices from department stores or sporting goods stores.

Here is some basic information about a basic set of clubs:

Most department store golf club sets offer sizes for men, women, and juniors. The length of the shafts on these clubs will be fine for most average-size people. If you are very tall or very short, you will need to make adjustments.

When selecting a set of golf clubs it is important that you take the clubs off the rack and actually hold them in your hands, gripping them as you would on the course. Golf clubs grips (the material that is in your hands) come in different sizes and materials. You want grips that fit your hands properly and feel good.

The Clubs:

You will need a driver and fairway woods. The driver is used off the tee and this is your power club for distance. Fairway woods are used in the fairways in lieu of long irons.

Many golfers will opt to buy their driver separately from the rest of the set. Choosing a driver is much like choosing a putter in that it is a very personalized choice. If you are new to golf, take the driver that comes with the set for now. You can always change it later. The same holds true for the fairway woods that come with the set.

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The next category of clubs you find in a set are the irons. Depending on the set you are buying, the irons may run from long irons, such as a 2 iron, down to the 9 iron. You rarely get all of the irons in a set, but in department store sets you get the ones you need most.

There are two basic materials used in irons: Cast iron is the first and this is often the best choice for those just learning to play as they are more forgiving if hit poorly. The other option is forged irons. These are more accurate but are less forgiving.

The next category is the wedges. Department store sets may or may not include any wedges. If your set does not, you should consider buying some.

There are four broad types of wedges.

Pitching Wedge:

Has a loft of 46-51 degrees and is played for shots that are 125 yards or closer. This is the wedge that is often included in golf club sets.

Sand Wedge:

Used for shots out of sand bunkers but can also be used for short shots to the green. They normally have a loft of 55-57 degrees.

Gap Wedge:

Generally has a loft of 51-53 degrees. Used for shots between a sand wedge and a pitching wedge.

Lob Wedge:

This wedge has a lot of loft to it, usually between 60-64 degrees. It can be used when you need a lot of height to get over something, but the lob wedge does not deliver a lot of distance.

The last club you need to select is the putter.

There are hundreds of designs when it comes to putters. The only advice I can give you is to select one that feels good in your hands. Try several before you decide on one above other.

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