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How to Buy High Performance Golf Clubs

If your budget will allow for it, a customized, high-performance set of golf clubs can do wonders for your game.

Here are some suggestions on how you get that dream set of clubs and what to look for when getting golf clubs.

When it comes to customizing a set of clubs today, virtually every aspect of the club can be personalized.

Your clubs can be designed to your exact specifications on grip size and type, lie angle, shaft length, material, and type, and a variety of options when it comes to club heads.

You have some options when it comes to getting your clubs customized to your needs. The first is perhaps the best option, and it involves visiting a professional club fitting facility. The second option is to fit yourself using online sources.

On-site, professional fitting is, as mentioned above, the best option for most golfers. The two drawbacks to this option are cost and location.

This choice can get expensive as you will be dealing with highly trained, very knowledgeable individuals who will take you through every aspect of your golf swing. The other drawback, location, is problematic if you have to travel a long distance to get to the facility.

On the upside, working with these professionals, and the very high-tech equipment they use, will take the guesswork out of your fitting. By the time they are finished, your clubs should be as personalized to you as your eye color.

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Some of the most famous names in golf offer this service; Callaway being one of the more prominent. Because these facilities are often so well equipped, the combinations of components and available angle options are huge. This means that virtually everyone can be fitted perfectly to his or her set of clubs.

The second option is to use online sources to fit your own clubs. You can find a variety of online vendors who offer fitting services in which they tell you what to measure and you input that information into a data field to get back a result or to place an order.

This option works well for those who are on a budget and are willing and able to complete the measurements accurately. Generally speaking, the more information you can provide, the better your results will be.

The downside to online fitting is you often have to mix and match the various components of your clubs yourself. By this I mean you may have to select from a listing of grips, a listing of shafts (length, material, flex) and a listing of club heads. This can get confusing for some people.

A second drawback to online fitting is you do not get to work with the clubs as they are being formed. In other words, you really will not know how the club feels or behaves until it is delivered at your door, and in some cases, you will not get a club but instead the component parts of the club.

In fairness, it should be said that many online vendors offer charts and detailed instructions to help customers select the appropriate components once the measurements have been supplied. Some golfers may wish to assemble their clubs on their own; others would do better to find a professional club builder and have the work done there.

When you are ready for a custom set of golf clubs, take some time to explore the options you have available. You can find a wealth of information about custom fitting online as well as at many better golfing supply stores.

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