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How to Break 80 Review

break 80How To Break 80’ is a golfing eBook guide authored by Jack Moorehouse. He asserts that his book is the perfect guide to help you significantly lower your score.

He further states that hundreds of people can testify to having benefited from his guidelines and he is confident you too can benefit by using his golfing guide.

According to the author, How To Break 80 is the ideal complete guide to help you shoot your best scores ever, regardless of your handicap.

So, all this may sound good to a golfer, doesn’t it?

However, do all his assertions come from credible sources or is he just trying to sell his product, or simply blowing his trumpet? Do other people concur with what the author asserts?

Firstly, to go a little on the author’s defense, Jack Moorehouse actually has a noticeable presence online. He has authored several free articles on golf lessons and tips on a wide range of subjects, ranging from developing your golf swing, enhancing your putting and chipping, to choosing the right golf instructor and what to do when lightning strikes.

He even goes further by answering your questions. In addition, he offers a free weekly newsletter about golf, which won the Apex Award for Publication Excellence in 2006. He has gradually updated his ‘How to Break 80’ guide with new material and his updated version of the guide contains seven new areas. Definitely, he gets points for all these things.

how to break 80

But what do others have to say about Jack Moorehouse’s eBook guide?

Well, majority of credible golfing sites highly recommend the ‘How to Break 80’ guide and most of the user responses and reviews are positive. Most people who have used this guide seem to like the fact that it goes back to the basics of the game and its realistic approach.

They are particularly happy with the drills and strategies highlighted in the book, which are easy to apply and immediately improve your golfing skills. The illustrations and pictures included in the guide also impressed a number of users, especially for those users that learn best with visuals, which is the majority of people.

Most users have said that the guide contains something for everyone, regardless of their limitations. They further recommend it as a great golf gift for yourself and your valued friends.

So, the notion on reading these websites is that ‘How to Break 80’ is a really fantastic golfing guide. The question is that are there any figures to back up the claims?

If you do a little further research on these websites, you’ll find that there are only a handful of reviews that back their claims with some figures. These figures were mainly based on major features, proven techniques, effectiveness and qualities.

The ratings, based out of 10, mainly ranged from 8 to 9.5, averaging at a high of about 8.58. Let’s just say that while you can ‘please some people some of the time, you can’t please all people all of the time’, to quote from Abraham Lincoln.

Therefore with those high ratings and the backing of some of the top rated golfing websites, we can safely conclude that How To Break 80 is a guide worth trying out by any golfer who’s looking to improve his overall game, and it is certainly value for money at only $37.

how to break 80

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