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How to Approach a Golf Shot

One of the most important shots in golf is the approach shot. If you are able to hit a good approach, you can set yourself up for a birdie.

In contrary, hitting a poor approach shot could bring your game to its worse.

This is why it is important to know how to approach a golf shot. However, hitting an approach shot can be quite difficult, especially for golf beginners so practice is very much essential.

There are various types of approach shots. If you want to learn some of them, then below are some of them.

Pitch shot. This kind of shot is used from between 50 to 110 yards away from the green. However, this should be done using a pitch wedge. A pitching wedge can help you get more control over the distance of your shot.

This will also keep you from flying the ball far away from the green. So if you want to know how to approach a golf shot, you should definitely know about this kind of shot.

Chip shot. This is another important type of approach shot. The idea of this shot is to hit the ball in just a short distance and let it roll towards the hole. This is like hitting the ball with just 1/3 of the strength and let the ball roll towards the hole.

When hitting a chip shot, you should use a less lofted club. You should also line yourself with your right foot across from the floor. Keep your weight on the left side of your foot and use a half swing for this shot. However, let the club do its job to guide your ball.

Flop shot. This is an important step on how to approach a golf shot. This requires a lot of practice to master. This shot can be used when you have to send the ball flying over a sand trap or at the forest area of the field. You will be using the highest lofted golf club with a 60 degree wedge. The objective of this is to get the ball up to make it land on the green.

These are some of the most important approach shots. Using them will really help you a lot in playing golf. However, it takes a lot of practice for them to be mastered. So take your time and learn about how to approach a golf shot.

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