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How To Get Out of Sand Dunes

Ever found yourself in a sand trap? Chances are excellent that you have. Ever found yourself wondering how to get out of that trap? Well, if you have, this newsletter is for you.

The first thing to do when you find your ball nestled in the sand dunes is to not get upset. Think of it, instead, as an interesting point to your day. Then get busy getting out. Here are some tips on how you can do that.

Assessment: Before climb into the sand trap take a good look at your circumstances. If you are in a fairway bunker, you may want to try to hit a long shot or opt for the safe play back into the fairway.

If you are close to the green, consider how much height you need to get out and pay close attention to pin location. Is there a lot of green in front of you or just a little?

Golf Club Selection: Once you know the shot you want to play, select the proper club to get the job done. Keep in mind, you can play any club you want in the sand trap. You are not required to play only the sand wedge.

If you chose to play one of your irons, you may need to choke down on the shaft a bit. This will depend on the shot you are trying to make as well as the distance you need to carry.

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Sand Stance:

Keep your feet closer together and position the ball so that you are playing it off your left foot. This stance helps the club to enter behind the ball rather than on the ball.

Open your stance by moving your left foot back. Slightly bend your knees. Now, open your shoulders toward the target. You have to use this open stance in order to complete the swing path correctly. At this point you can wiggle your feet to get them solidly planted in the sand. Balance is important so make sure you have a steady foundation.

Your backswing will vary depending on how far you need to carry the ball, and the club you are using. On your downswing, resist the urge to slow the club. Instead, you must accelerate as you approach the ball.

Your follow-through should always be at least as much as your backswing. Keep the follow through smooth and steady and remember to keep your head down. Picking the head up too soon is a major cause of mistakes in the sand, and often leads to some terrible shots.

The importance of accelerating through impact becomes even more crucial if you happen to be playing on wet sand or sand that is particularly hard for some reason. Accelerating through impact allows the club to dig through the sand without slowing it or stopping it altogether.

One of the best golfing tips anyone can share with other golfers when it comes to mastering sand play is to practice. Most golfers only end up in the sand a few times during the course of a year, so it is impossible to master the technique with that little opportunity.

The better option is to spend an hour or two a month on the practice sand trap area honing your skills.

When practicing in the sand, do not be afraid of vary your ball lies. You should practice hitting balls that are sitting pretty right on top of the sand, and practice hitting balls that are virtually buried.

And don't forget to rake the trap once you finish your shot. This is true for both practice areas and bunkers on the course.

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