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How To Draw the Golf Ball

How you would like to add a nifty shot to your golf swing arsenal, improve your score, and impress your golfing buddies at the same time? "The draw" is just the golf shot to learn.

A draw is a controlled hook golf shot. The flight path takes off straight, bends a bit to the right, and then curves left.

It's ideal when there is an obstacle in your way or when thefairway bends to the left, also known as a dogleg.

It is important to understand that the draw is a deliberate shot, not a mistake like the dreaded hook.

In addition to controlling the golf ball's flight path to the left, a draw shot will normally cause the ball to take on a forward spin and roll farther when it lands.

Below, we'll give you a quick and easy way to learn the mechanics of the draw shot. (Note: These tips were drafted for right-handed golfers. Left-handed players should reverse the information.)

To create a draw, start by setting up with your normal gripon the club and normal alignment to the target path.

Next, adjust your footing so that your feet are aiming just right of the target. The farther right you point your feet, the more curve you will get on the ball.

If you are new to the draw, start out with a small adjustment and then work your way up as you master the shot.

This next step is important. You want to aim the face of the club directly at the target. Do not adjust the club face to the right or left.

Now take your normal golf swing, keeping your head down all the way through.

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Tips to keep in mind:

With the exception of your putter, you can use this technique with all of your clubs, including your irons.

To master this shot, you have to practice making it. Work this shot with all of your clubs, and also practice while adjusting your feet.

The draw is a great shot to have in your bag, but remember to consider the wind when playing it. A heavy wind blowing to the left will cause the ball to travel left as well, so be judicial when using this shot.

Also remember that a well-executed draw shot will cause the ball to roll more once it lands. Take this added roll distance into account when making your club selection. The last thing you want is to have your ball roll right into a water hazard or sand trap.

For best results when playing a draw, have some knowledgeof what is around the corner. If possible, consider thelay of the land to ensure that you are not hitting into trouble. Sometimes it is better to hit two straight shots than one draw shot.

Practice this shot on the range, and soon you'll be curving the ball like a master professional. And if your golfing buddies aren't impressed with that, well, get some new buddies! Good luck and keep swinging.

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