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When a students wants to excel and become outstanding academically, he needs some learning resources and materials to guide him in his quest for excellence.

A similar principle may be applied to a person who is keen on learning and mastering the art of playing golf.

Tiger Woods did not attain his celebrity status overnight or in a blink of an eye. To get to where he is right now was a long and arduous journey which required a certain degree of discipline, patience, perseverance and of course, skill.

Just like the student who wants to receive good grades and be recognized by the entire academic community, any budding golf player should learn the rudiments of playing golf. One of the recommended ways of enhancing one’s skills is by being aware of good golf instruction tips.

Beginning a journey of learning the sport of golf without having any formal training or without being familiar with golf instruction tips can be likened to going to war without the necessary weapons.

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If this is going to be the case, you are doomed to fail in the process. Fortunately, this does not have to be the case. You can actually chart the course of your journey to become an amazing golf player and avoid failure.

To be at the top of your game is no easy feat to accomplish. It will require hard work, passion, discipline, perseverance and some resources about golf-playing, particularly, golf instruction tips. With this potent combination, there is no reason why you will not be able to excel in your chosen sport.

For your reference, some of the more common golf instruction tips which have been proven by the experts to be effective are the following:

1. Be physically fit. Exercise a lot. Take care of your body. Remember, just like any other sport, when you play golf, you have to be healthy to be able to play well. Just imagine the results if you are always sick. You will never be able to reach to the top of your game if your body is not well.

2. Use the right golf equipment. The sport of golf is equipment-driven. Thus, it is imperative that you are able to buy the right equipment such as golf clubs in order for you to play well. However, buying the right equipment does not mean that you have to buy expensive golf clubs.

3. Develop a regular golf practice regimen. Regular practice can do wonders to your golf-playing skill. To the extent possible, develop a habit where you are able to practice regularly.

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  1. 3 Golfing Drills to Improve Your Short Game
    Is your short game falling, well, short? If it is, I have some great drills to help you sharpen your skills around the green.
  2. How to Play Golf Well Under Pressure
    Hello again! I have some great tips for you today if you are one of the millions of golfers who have felt under pressure while playing. Yes, I said millions! It happens to us all, at some time or another, and that means you are certainly not alone!
  3. How to Practice Golf at Home
    Hello again! I have some great tips for you today if you are one of the millions of golfers who have felt under pressure while playing. Yes, I said millions! It happens to us all, at some time or another, and that means you are certainly not alone!
  4. How to Avoid a 'Blown Out' Round
    Every golfer has a bad day. There is no way around that fact. It happens. The trick is to learn to identify a bad round before it becomes a bad round, and that, believe it or not, is possible.
  5. How to Maintain Consistent Golf Scores
    You have been playing golf for years, practicing diligently, and have finally gotten your scores down to where you believe they should be for your individual skill level.
  6. 8 Tricks to Become a Better Golfer
    The Internet is filled with articles on how to become a better golfer. Most of these are the same general tips, reworded in some manner, and, frankly, I thought you might like to see new tips and tricks.
  7. The Top 10 Golf Mistakes and How to Prevent Them
    For many golfers, the slice comes about because there is too much play in the wrists during the backswing. Your wrists should cock and uncock naturally. If you are deliberately working your wrists, stop it and see if that does not cure your slice.
  8. Playing a Desert Golf Course
    Some of the best golf courses in the US are smack dab in the middle of deserts. For many of us, these are great vacation spots, but we often find difficulty playing on such dry, arid courses.
  9. 20 Little Known But Interesting Golf Facts
    Here are some interesting golf facts that you may not know about this wonderful game.
  10. 7 Short Game Essentials in Golf
    How has your short game been lately? If you are like many other golfers, it may need some improvement. For a more detailed guide than I am able to provide in this newsletter, you should check out PurePoint Golf's Golf Chipping Lessons:
  11. Golf Tips for Left Handed Golfers
    Finding golf tips for left handed golfers can feel like digging for gold. Thousands of articles and web pages are devoted to right handed golfers, but lefties often seem to be left out of the loop.
  12. Pointers for Women Golfers
    Golf was predominantly a male sport prior to the 16th century. During the early 1900s, women became more active in the sport, although they had already started to take interest in it right from the 1500s.
  13. Tips to Hit Fairway Woods with Confidence
    If you are interested in playing golf, you’ll need to learn how to hit the fairway woods. On the golf course, these come on a par 5 or long par 4 or even in handy on a tee short.
  14. Tips to Eliminate Golf Shanks
    Shanking the ball is one of those frustrating things most golfers dread. Fortunately, it can be avoided if you take time to practice your swing. In order to learn how to stop shanking the golf ball, you need to know the swing flow that causes the shanked balls in the first place.

Golfing Tips For Beginners | Online Golf Tips | Free Golf Tips

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