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Golf Tips for Better Driving

Players of all skill levels are interested in golf tips for better driving. Hitting off the tee is one of the most important aspects of the game, and is also one of the most difficult.

For many golfers, the tee area is a fifty-fifty area at best. Half of their shots may be fine, but the other half may suffer. We've compiled some useful golf tips for better driving that can help everyone, from novices to pros.

While there are thousands of available articles on this subject, not all of them present the same volume or quality of information. Of the many golf tips for better driving, one of the most important is also the most overlooked. Here it is:

Keep the ball in play. Many golfers are focused on hitting the ball as far as possible, but even the most impressive distance means little if it does not stay in play. If the ball hooks or slices into the woods and you lose strokes, what good was that long drive? Whenever possible, choose accuracy over distance.

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When you take your address on the tee, focus on proper posture. Although correct posture is different for everyone, there are some common factors to use as a starting point.

Keep your feet shoulder width apart, and play the ball off your left heel. Your head should be positioned behind the ball from start to finish.

Some golfers stand too straight or slump over too much as they address the ball. Ideally, you should have some flex in your knees. Think of a shortstop in baseball and try to assume a similar position.

Another essential golf tip for better driving that you should keep in mind, especially if you are new to the game, is that trying to hit the ball harder often results in a poor drive. To get more distance off the tee, you do not have to rip into the ball. Instead, maximize the speed in which the club head descends into the ball. In other words, faster club head speed equals longer distance.

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When it comes to golf tips for better driving, we can't leave out the bigger, 460 cc clubs. The extra weight of these clubs imparts more energy to the ball upon contact. While these clubs are very popular among today's players, it requires considerable practice to master them.

Many golfers are surprised to find that they cannot simply lay down the old-fashioned driver and pick up one of these new ones with the same level of skill.

With these 460 cc clubs, you'll have to tee the ball up higher. Depending on the particular club you're using, it could be considerably higher. In fact, you will need to buy some new, taller tees to get the ball high enough off the ground.

On our list of golf tips for better driving, the last one is simply to practice. There really is no other way to improve your golf shots without consistent, steady effort, and this goes for your tee shots as well. Even if you have limited time to spend on the range, try dedicating just 30 minutes a week; during that time, work with just one or perhaps two clubs and your driver.

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You can find hundreds of golf tips for better driving online. If one thing is for certain about this game, it's that the more you know, the better you will play.

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