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The Backswing That Increases Consistency

If you’re a golfer and you want to become a pro, you need to learn some of the most effective swing theories and then practice as much as you can until it comes off naturally. To start with, many golfers seem to succeed with a more horizontal swing plane.

The first essential you should learn is how to turn your spine around. This moves aims at generating the power required to add distance and, more importantly, ensures that you have consistency in your game.

The conventional swing emphasizes a one piece takeaway, whereas this swing’s takeaway is very simple.

In the one piece takeaway, you move the club back low to the ground slowly, which automatically causes you to move your weight back and farther from the target, and this is a big source of problems for many golfers. When your weight is shifted to the foot behind during the backswing, it becomes very hard to time when to move your weight forward through the impact zone.

An effective and efficient swing should eliminate 90 percent of the weight shift in the backswing, while also concentrating on shifting weight forward through the impact zone. Basically, a golfer gets the best of both worlds here – power and consistency.

Let’s look at a few essentials tips for a good golf backswing:

The backswing should always start with a trigger mechanism. For most golfers, a forward press is enough to transition them from a stationary position to the backswing. A forward press is simply moving the hands slightly forward just before the take back. Obviously, every golfer has their own trigger mechanism, but the point is that for a good backswing, you need to have one.

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The next point is crucial, and that is your hands’ position when taking the club back (the backward wrist break). As you take the club back, rather than lifting it and rolling the wrists, try this technique: keeping your right hand perpendicular to the ground, bring the back side of the same hand straight back like it were going to lie against the back of the right wrist. Now let the arms bring the club into full back swing position as you turn.

If you get this done the correct way, a wrist roll should never be there and the clubface should be closed at the top of the back swing, you shouldn’t bother yourself with how far you bring the club back.

You just need to push back as far as you can, as long as you maintain balance and you don’t stretch too far. When you simply bring the club through the correct golf swing plane, many of the variables that go into a consistent strike of the golf ball will vanish.

If you still have issues with consistency, check the following:

• Spine angle – Is your back straight at setup?

• Follow-through position – You should hold it at least 2 seconds and you’ll realize dramatic increase in consistency.

• Hand position at and through impact zone – You should rotate your hands through impact zone (generates power and helps with distance too).

• Head down – This should be a must always, though it is overlooked by a lot of golfers.

Following these points will give you a great, consistent backswing you’ve always dreamed of.

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