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Play With a Straight Back

For a senior, mature golfer, it shouldn’t be hard to understand why each and every basic step involved in learning the game of golf is crucially important to understand.

To break it down to the basic fundamentals, it is the swing of your hand and ultimately the club which you have to master and control.

In addition, you need to develop a style and posture that works best with your swing, so the other crucial thing is practice.

As you practice, you’ll discover that you need to make small tweaks in style and posture so as to get to the top of your game. Therefore, to make your game flawless, you need to take all the small adjustments importantly. Usually, it’s the small steps you learn that form the basis for mastering the game of golf.

The most important part of your body that has a big effect on your game is the spine. You need to accord special attention to your posture, particularly regarding your back. In this regard, it’s important to keep your back straight while playing.

Keeping your back (or spine for that matter) straight will help you make a good swing. Regardless of whether you’re at a 5-yard distance or greater, keeping your spine upright will help you make a swing in the right direction.

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Every individual’s set-up and training is unique. Playing with a straight back angle and spine is something essential that is continually practiced, and a factor that is actually pivotal to a perfect swing. To ensure that your swing plane is constant every time you set over the golf ball, you need to either be 5 yards from the green or hitting the ball from tee.

Here are some facts that explain the importance of having a straight back in order to succeed on the course.

• A straight back ensures that every time you’re starting, your position is solid.

• It enables the club to swing on a consistent plane.

• A straight back is simply a basic in golf. If your back is bent (something many golfers are ignorant about), your swing plane will change often because of your body’s level over the ball. Consequently, you’ll have many inconsistent shots (mainly around the green).

• It also prevents hitting the ball thin or from behind, something that perplexes a lot of golfers. If you’ve been off your practice routine for some time and you notice that your contact is not solid, then you must first ensure that your back is straight during setup and at the shot.

Practicing to keep a straight back is one of the most important things that are emphasized during golf swing training. A simple observation of the pros during tournaments and you’ll see why this is utterly important - their backs are always straight at setup and all through the swing.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re starting out at the tee, around the green or on the green, keeping a straight back angle is very crucial. Most importantly, keep your back straight when pitching around the green – when hitting the ball with a backspin in high arc to prevent it from rolling a great distance after hitting the ground.

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